Queen of Cups

So far in what I’ve been learning about the art of tarot, I’m not finding myself drawn to the idea of a clarifier card. I feel like that interferes with the basically random structure that drawing a tarot card is based upon. However, I’ve noticed in learning about each suit, each number, each court card, etc., that there are several cards that really speak to me in rather direct ways. There are a few cards that I have absolutely gotten goosebumps studying because they seem to embody someone I know (or something I once knew) perfectly. My reactions alone to these cards says something to me— I’m getting that sense of the cards “speaking” to me finally.

There are two cards that I’ve pulled that I feel represent ME. I was happy with the Queen of Swords, but upon further investigation, I realize that she lacks the nurturing empathy that I have in abundance. The Queen of Swords is also a little more, eh, organized than I am. 
Tonight though, I figured it out. The Queen of Cups— that is me.

The Queen of Cups is nurturing, caring, compassionate and sensitive. She is a good wife and a loving mother as she is emotionally secure and can connect on an emotional level with others. She is admired for her fairness and honesty, and is warm-hearted. Often a healer, counselor or psychic, this is a woman who seems to know what is wrong even before you open your mouth. She seems to have exactly the right solution to problems relating to relationships, emotions and feelings. She easily tunes in to what you are feeling and is able to help you make sense of it in a sensitive and compassionate manner. As such, her intuition is very strong and she has a unique talent at being able to pick up on emotional energy.

The Queen of Cups symbolizes achievements made possible by the use of imagination and creativity. This is a woman who is highly imaginative and artistically gifted, affectionate and romantic in outlook. She is often involved in creative or literary pursuits, and enjoys art, good music, literature and things of beauty. Therefore, you may be more inclined to pursue creative projects, particularly if it acts as a form of self-expression. http://www.biddytarot.com/court-cards-queens/


The Queen of Cups can represent an actual person in your life (male or female), who embodies her traits and who lives with her values.  

The Queen of Cups indicates ‘woman’, negative aspects, passivity, response and emotion.  The Queen of Cups is creative, intuitive and intune with others’ emotions.  She is peace-loving and most often finds a diplomatic and wise way of solving problems.

The Queen of Cups is a very warm and loving person who has a deep love of family, friends, community and humanity as a whole.

The Queen of Cups inwardly embodies the qualities of the suit of Cups, possessing empathic skills, a depth of compassion and understanding, and is unconditional in her acceptance of others.  She is an affectionate and romantic being who has a positive outlook on life and who creates an air of mystery around herself.

The Queen of Cups depicts a woman who is naturally spiritual, psychic and magnetic.  She is a ‘powerful’ being.  She is headstrong and independent.  The Queen of Cups depicts someone who embodies many deep and complex qualities.  She is passionate, proud, intense and strong-willed.

The Queen of Cups is most often an attractive woman who makes friends easily, but at times, her personality may be difficult to fathom.  She is kind, intuitive and sympathetic to others.  Her artistic and psychic abilities are most likely to be very highly developed.

The Queen of Cups often represents a fair-haired lady, most often with blue or light coloured eyes.

She is depicted as a good wife and mother, as she is quite sensitive and intuitive to other’s needs.

The Queen of cups depicts a mature woman who relies upon her intuitive abilities in all areas of her life.  The Queen of Cups is one who always sees the positives in things and is a great future-planner.

The Queen of Cups is depicted as a lady who sits above her emotions and watches life in a detached way.

The Queen of Cups may at first appear difficult to approach, but once you gain her trust she becomes someone who makes a loyal friend, confidante and ally.  

The closed cup held by the Queen of Cups can indicate a lady (or person) who is somewhat alone or isolated, or one who lives in her own world.  The Queen of Cups tarot card shows many emotions flowing around her (indicated by water), but she is in command and is comfortable within her own environment.

The symmetrically designed cup in the Queen’s hands symbolizes great balance.  The Queen of Cups implies a focus of development. http://tarot-theroyalroad.blogspot.com/2011/06/queen-of-cups.html


The Queen of Cups is the Queen who is the most free with her love.  She falls in love easily with almost everyone, and she doesn’t have the walls around her heart that the other Queens in the Tarot do.  She loves to love and she knows that to love truly and freely means to be open, to be vulnerable.   The Queen of Cups is by nature more trusting and open, and I really do feel that other people sense this in her and respond to it.  Because the Queen of Cups chooses to place her trust in others, by showing them kindness, they respond with a willingness to be open with her and love her in return.  This isn’t to say this Queen is naive or lets people walk on her, she is just unafraid to love and to express her love.  You most likely have a Queen of Cups in your own life, a Queen who is well loved by everyone you know.

Of course this Queen does have her shadow side.  The Queen of Cups can smother others with her love and is excellent at manipulating the emotions of others.  She can also get stuck in the depths of her emotions.  When this happens she is at best overly sensitive and an emotional wreck…and at her worst she is dangerous.  She becomes insecure, clingy, dependent and jealous.  Because the Queen of Cups understands human emotion you don’t want to betray her!  She can be quite vindictive and knows exactly what will cause you the most pain. http://365daysoftarot.com/meaning-of-the-queen-of-cups-tarot-card-2/


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