It’s time for Saturday Spreads!
This week I’m featuring the “All Change Spread”!

As you can see, it features four cards. It’s another future/past oriented spread, but this one allows you to figure out what you can let go of from the past to move on. It is helpful if you are clinging to the past, unable to detach yourself from a relationship wound or feelings of rejection. Or, it can simply be used to say goodbye to an old you and welcome the new you!

Card One Represents What No Longer Matters. This is something, perhaps a trouble or a person in your past, that should no longer matter to you. Once you realize what this is, it should be a little easier to let go of.

Card Two Represents What Has Been Fulfilled. This can be anything. A wish, a relationship, a friendship, an ending, a new beginning. Anything. It may show that you have overcome something negative in route of allowing in a positive nature.

Card Three Represents What Will Carry Me Forward. This card should help you focus on what YOU need to look to that will help you move on away from what has bothered you in the past.

Card Four Represents the Change I  Must Embrace. As always, this card can represent anything. It could be changing your outlook on life from negative to positive, changing the way you carry yourself, the way you talk with people, the way you deal with money. In order for you to move on and become the new you, or to get over a past experience, this is the change you must embrace to get over that.

This Spread is © to the Tarot Bible.


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