Three of Coins, Reversed: ISOLATION

I’m starting to get better at being able to summarize what I think the message of each card in response to the querent and/or their question is.

I’m finding it helpful to do a daily draw, take a few minutes to look at the cards and try to recall what I know about their suits, number symbolism, etc.

Then, I go to one of my most trusted Youtube channels and watch a video (or three) on each card, taking notes from different sources on interpretations. Though some interpretations seem totally different from others, I’ve begun to be able to see the common threads. That’s not to say there aren’t some information sources out there that just don’t make any sense and are just totally random-sounding and bear no common threads whatsoever.

I’ve laid out, in my Tarot Card journal, a section for court cards, suits, major arcana, minor arcana, number symbolism, and miscellaneous notes. I was avoiding reversals all together, but have begun jotting down reversal notes on the back of each card’s page in my journal. I’ve been pulling a LOT of reversed cards lately, by the way.

I’ve also noticed some cards that have been showing up a lot, particularly during this last week or so.

I’ve been in a real depressive slump this whole week and have really only left the house once, I think, to take a walk and it was night time. I’m back to sleeping in the basement, which is an indicator of depression for me. Wanting to be isolated and in a place that feels impenetrable. Yet, this basement is a complete disaster of a place… there are copious bugs, nothing in the place is finished, the most-likely lead paint is peeling from the floors exposing concrete dust. I’ve got it pretty homey right now, for what it is. But why do I choose to sleep and LIVE in a dusty, mildewy, basically uninhabitable basement rather than in the small guest room I’ve been given in this house?
It mostly comes down to just not wanting to be around people and their noises and commotions.

A card I’ve been getting a lot this week is the three of coins, reversed. Some key words for this card would be disharmony, isolation, detachment, apathy, even selfishness perhaps. Isolation stands out the boldest out of that little list. It’s no wonder I’m pulling this card so much.

So, what do I do with this knowledge?

I want to just give it a nod of acknowledgement, but take no action. 

I want to just stay down here on this mattress with my laptop and keep wasting the days.

Fortunately, this weekend calls for action and I cannot weasel my way out of it. Halloween approaches and I happen to have some very Halloween-crazed folks in my life right now. I worry that I will want nothing but to come back here, to the basement, and won’t be able to enjoy myself. 

I suppose I may as well let my isolation and apathy carry on for today, since it will be the last day I’ll have like it for awhile. Maybe I’ll be just so sick of being alone and in the dark that this weekend’s activities will bring enjoyment. 



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