The Shadow Situations Spread is something I created for myself a little while ago. I couldn’t shake the feeling I was missing something important from my personal divinations and introspection. I created this spread to show not only what I messages I was missing, but what I was willfully ignoring, the stuff I didn’t want to face. This isn’t really a light or easy spread, but as I have used it for myself its been wonderfully enlightening. It also gives good advice.



The special thing about this deck is that you draw cards from the bottom of your deck, rather than the top. Just shuffle your deck like normal, while thinking of the situation or question. When it ‘feels right’ stop and start pulling cards from the bottom of your face-down deck until you have all the cards laid out as pictured.

1)Your Perception of The Situation: aka What you think is going on.

2)What You’re Missing: Pretty self explanatory

3)What You’re Willfully Ignoring: You know this is going on, somewhere, but you just aren’t facing it like you need to.

4)What Your Intuition Is Trying To Tell You: The Answer to ‘oh deer lord I feel like I’m missing something. constantly’

5)What You’re Actually Asking: I have a hard time phrasing my tarot questions to answer the question I really need. Then I did this reading for myself I actually got The Answer and not The Question thankfully.

6)The Reality of The Situation: Not influenced by your biases, this is what is really going on.

7)What Could Make This Situation Worse: aka What not to do.

8)What Could Make The Situation Better: aka What to do.

So yeah! Look at my new spread, the first I’ve ever made from scratch, I hope you like it! Any feedback is welcome and please tag me if you ever post a reading of it, I’d love to see!

If you would like me to do a reading for you check out my shop: Iced Shadows Tarot! I just added a lot of spread options over the last several days.


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