So, last night I made myself a new spread, inspired by the Enchanted Map Oracle.

Tomorrow or something I will post the reading I did with it, because I think it helps to see spreads in action, but for now…

This spread is for taking a look at the landscape of where you’re at right now, and where you’re trying to get to, and where you SHOULD be.

Card 01 – North:  What you always come back to. Your focus, your goal. Where you’re rooted. The stable things.

Card 02 – South:  What moves you to action. Your passion, your spark.

Card 03 – East:  How you present yourself in public. How you interact with others. What you’re fascinated by.

Card 04 – West:  Your inner, more secret self. What you’re working on emotionally. What nourishes and nurtures you.

Card 05 – Center:  Where you’re at right now.

Optional Cards

Card 06 – Northeast:  Bridges North + East

Card 07 – Southeast:  Bridges East + South

Card 08 – Southwest:  Bridges South + West

Card 09Northwest:  Bridges West + North


So, the last four cards are optional. You don’t have to include them if you’re not interested in trying to integrate these different areas. I like using them to help me relate the different cards to one another though.

The Center card also acts as a bridging card to all of the directions — North to South, East to West.

While I read the cards in the order I numbered them, it’s also useful to take it as a whole, perhaps starting from the top and going in a clockwise circle, or maybe starting from the center and moving out in a spiral from whatever card calls to you!


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