Queen of Coins + Eight of Coins (R) + Nine of Cups

Daily Spread 11/9/13

Queen of Coins + Eight of Coins (R) + Nine of Cups

So, today I approached my daily three card draw carefully. I spent more time with my eyes closed, whispering aloud “what do I need to know about right now?”. Instead of tidily shuffling the deck and drawing cards, I spread ‘em all over the floor and hovered my right hand over them and grabbed when it felt right. It was kind of weird, actually, because the first two cards I picked up were in unison. They weren’t physically stuck together but where I thought I was picking up one card, I was picking up two. I froze, thought about it for a second and decided I should put the card I meant to grab in the first position and the tag-along in the second position.

I flipped them over. Queen of Coins! It seems like every day I am pulling a court card, and it irritates me a little because I’m not sure how to interpret them in a daily drawing.

Second one: eight of coins reversed.

Ok. I hovered my hand over the mess of cards, whispered my question again, and drew.

Nine of cups.

I generally try to think of my daily draws from a past-present-future perspective. Lately I’ve been learning more about intuitive tarot readings and also about focusing more on the themes and combinations than on exact definitions and card positions.

Today, though, the second position indicating the “present” was so damn spot-on in describing where I’m at right now.
The fact that it was reversed and in the suit of coins = duh. I am in a terrible spot right now mentally and financially. Absolutely terrible. My depression and anxiety are soaring into madness, and I am living literally on pocket change and whatever pity-money people will throw at me. That’s another story for another time (read my post on the Five of Coins).
The reversed eight of coins, though. “Perfection in a self-contained world”. The feeling of working very hard at something that is entirely futile. Perhaps working my brain into madness. Perfectionism about things that really don’t fucking matter. I can have a life of clutter and disgusting messes all around me, but oh, I have to make sure that the way my pillows are arranged and the way my shirts are layered is EXACTLY right or I will have an absolute conniption. In this mindframe, the very worst thing I can imagine happening would be the phone ringing. Something new being asked/demanded of me. I feel like I’ve built myself into this tiny little house of isolation.

Anyone have any insight on how the Queen and the Nine of cups correlate with this card — or this situation?


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