Reading for Rob and His Current Situation

My friend Rob is experiencing distress. He is the guitarist of a very talented metal band that has recently been falling to shit. He recently had to fire his bassist, and is concerned about his drummers flourishing drug problem. He is feeling like quitting the whole scene. This is what the cards had to say.

First, the Five of Swords reversed. Now, if it were in its upright position, this card would still be negative. It is, after all, a five card. This card speaks of the feeling one gets after having to make a decision that was controversial but necessary; the sadness of what had to be lost. Getting more specific with the reversal, Rob is feeling very inhibited right now. He is getting stuck in negativistic thinking; “it’s happened before and it will happen again”. He may be fully expecting to get screwed over, because it has happened in past situations. He feels a wound that perhaps he thought had healed being torn open again, as harsh criticisms and defeat seem to be encircling him like vultures over a carcass.

Next, the Six of Wands appears in the central position. This is good. “Victory.” This card is highly instructive in nature, full of good advice that Rob will benefit from heeding to get himself out of this situation. It is important at this time that he trust his own instincts— even if it means quitting the band scene for awhile. This card also warns against allowing the ego or one’s sense of pride to get in the way. Rob feels the need to prove himself right, and understandably so in this situation. But perhaps it’s time that Rob calls on his higher self for answers instead of fighting against a brick wall trying to prove himself. To help himself out of this rut, Rob needs to be “the bigger person” right now.

Finally, the Eight of Cups suggests burn-out and overextension of the self. Rob is exhausted by the people he is surrounded by. Psychic vampires, much? Even with only a base knowledge of Rob’s current situations, the enormous problem of others draining his energy is apparently clear. He is considering stepping out of the band scene— and this card asks him to consider what it is that is sucking out his soul, and then to consider getting the fuck away from it.


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