A Reading for Anonymous

What does (anonymous) need to know about their current situation?

1. Hanged Man (Reversed)
This card indicates that you are getting over something, possibly something traumatic, that happened. You have lost faith in your own ability to make and carry out decisions, and thus are finding it impossible to move forward. Your state of mind may be so bad in fact that you are experiencing some degree of dissociation from reality. There is also an indication of a traitor in your midst… Keep in mind, this is in your “past” position.

2. Page of Swords
In your present position, we have the Page of Swords. This indicates a person. A young person. You may soon enter a relationship with a younger person, or, this may just signify a person in your life who is very childlike and enthusiastic. Regardless, the person is bringing you news of something really exciting. Pay attention to your ideas right now. The Swords suit deals with ideas, and Pages are considered young messengers. So be on the lookout for “crazy ideas that might just work”, whether they are ones you’ve thought up or ones being brought from someone else.

3. Four of Swords
In your future position: another Sword. This card has a pretty clear message. You NEED to take a rest. Mentally, you have been living in chaos. This has possibly even become manifest in your physical health. It’s imperative right now that you make time to recharge your batteries. Don’t worry, this is only a resting period— it isn’t another rut. It’s a time were things emotionally/mentally will be sort of on an even keel. Another thing about this card is it indicates the need for you to call a truce with someone.

Overall, I would say that this reading is very much focused on the MENTAL side of things in this persons life. Things have happened in the past that have sucked royally, and this person is desperately in need of something new to come along. I think the message here is to try to calm and tame the voices in your head (whether literal or figurative), and let inspiration come to you. Take care of your mind, and you will attract new and exciting things. There’s a possibility that you may need some therapy if you aren’t already receiving it. Take some time to learn about mindfulness. Just remember that if you aren’t in a state of true authenticity (which includes health and well-being of body and mind), you aren’t going to be attracting the right things into your life no matter how hard you try.


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