Oh okay no problem! I’ll try my best to keep it short but basically I’ve had quite a tough year in terms of my love life, I met this guy, Ryan, he pretty used me and then made up a lie about me which was humiliating, he then got into a relationship with a different girl which was really hard for me to cope with. It would be good to know how he feels about the situation for some closure? Also I was wondering if things will ever get better for me regarding my love life? I hope that’s okay, thanks!

Hey there Kate!
I’m sorry to hear about this situation; it sounds like Ryan was/is someone you have a lot of feelings for and the way things have turned out really don’t make any sense to you. While I can’t tell you from a three card reading exactly what HIS feelings are, I can give you an assessment of what YOU need to know about the situation (as well as your love life in general). So here goes. What does Kate need to know about the situation with Ryan and her love life?…

Seven of Cups, Reversed
So, in your past position, the card that comes up is one of illusions.

Is it possible that one of you may have been being a little unrealistic in expectations about the relationship in the beginning? You say he used you— so this seems like it could  apply to you. This card also speaks of things like refusing to search for your inner guide’s voice in the matter, having your “head in the clouds”, and hiding things from yourself. Do you feel like maybe you weren’t considering the whole picture?

Nine of Coins, Reversed
This card is in the present position, and correlates with your question about your quest for closure.
In a romantic sense, this card means that your period of solitude is coming to an end, but, this is contingent one thing: you.
This is interesting. The suit of Coins is all about things of a material nature (money especially), and the reversed Nine indicates someone has been working hard to live the “high life”, and that this over-zealousness for work/money-making is getting in the way of you moving forward. Is this you?
The Death card is showing up in your future love life position. This might sound horrible, but fear not. The Death card represents the end of one cycle (your seemingly bad luck in the romance arena?), the transformation and eventual beginning of a new and different cycle. This is good news! Keep in mind though, this change isn’t necessarily going to come effortlessly. You are going to have to figure out how to LET GO of the situation that is holding you back.

Overall, I think that the message of this reading is that you must search your own soul, leaving no stone unturned, before you can start anew. Reconnect with the true and authentic YOU.  Learn from your mistakes in the past— and that means first acknowledging them. Ask yourself honestly, what lies are you telling yourself about your situation? Sounds harsh, I know, but the key to moving forward is figuring out what’s holding you back. Once you have cleared out the rubbish and establish a true connection with your own inner guide, you’ll be ready to start a totally new cycle.
I hope you are able to do this, and that the new cycle will be a positive one. Make sure you live intentionally, Kate, and don’t allow decisions to “make themselves”.
When a new person walks into your love life arena, no matter how much you desire them or WANT things to work with them, first and foremost you must ask yourself if there is anything you aren’t being honest with yourself about. Don’t allow your desire for love to silence your own intuition!


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