to move on, or not to move on…

I’m struggling with getting over my ex but missing him a lot part of me says to move on part of me still has hope that where it went wrong was just a wrong turn. Maybe my question could be, will my ex and I reconcile? Or is he in my future?

Okay, I’m  going to do a three card love reading for you.
One important thing I must point out here is that in doing distance love readings, I cannot tell you the thoughts or intentions of a third party, I can only shed light on the situation in regards to you, the querent. The third card in this spread represents your ex, but it is more likely to represent your instincts and gut feelings about him than actually “reading his mind”.
This was an interesting reading as it was the first one I’ve done for someone where every card is part of the Major Arcana.
My initial feeling is that there was some infidelity in this relationship. It seems like you both know about it but have not communicated about it. Did you break up over a cheating situation?

Card 1 is the querent. Card 3 is the other person. Card 2 is the dynamic between the two.

1. The Star (R) –
You: There is a stumbling block on both ends. You need to try to be more optimistic and work on your self-esteem, which may be very low right now. You may be very caught up in the past and showing a negative attitude that will get in the way of your goal.

2. The High Priestess-
The dynamic between the two of you: This card is indicating that there’s a need to look deeper into something, because secrets have been kept. There is a hint of infidelity. Do not force anything to happen— allow things to unfold as they will.

3. Judgement (R)
He: May be jumping to conclusions and judging too harshly. He is also experiencing a lack of ability to forgive others AND himself. He is at a point right now where he needs to work on himself— badly. This card does sometimes signify the break-up of a relationship.

In a nutshell, I would say that there is a slight chance of reconciliation between you two, but it will require “coming clean” about something. You both need to work on yourselves right now— you on your attitude towards life and your self-worth, and he on his overly high standards and his conscience.


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