hi. i hear you are doing free mini readings, and i hope this doesnt sound rude, but i really need an advice. i have had the feeling that something really really bad is going to happen someday soon and it drives me crazy to be honest, because this feelings almost always prove themself right. could you help me?

Okay, for this question I am going to do a modification on the usual past/present/future spread. Your question is solely about the future and is unspecific, so here’s what I’m doing:
Card 1 = The Future
Card 2 & 3 = Things you need to know about the future

1. The Hanged Man – In regards to your fear that something bad is going to happen – check this out! Your future card talks about self-fulfilling prophecies, and warns you to make “prophecies” about the future that are more in line with how you WANT things to go, not with how you don’t. Luckily, this is a card of inaction. The Hanging Man represents sort of hanging in the balance, being stuck at a crossroads between two possible paths. It also urges you to let go of all the self-limiting beliefs you have now. You need to NOT act, but rather to take time to focus inward and work on your own mindset.

2. King of Pentacles (R) – Court cards often represent a person, but they can also just represent certain character traits and tendencies that describe you or an event. This particular card is a reversed King. If he’s representing an actual person in your future, it’s an older and well established man who is materialistic, isn’t “into” abstract thought and prefers to only talk about concrete things of this world. The character traits associated with this card, whether they belong to this mysterious older man or to yourself, are: melancholy, inflexibility, and inertia. Sad, possibly lazy, and very locked in to routines and set patterns of thought and action. There are two pieces of advice I can give you from this card: one is that you absolutely need to stop viewing yourself as a failure and judging yourself so harshly. This ties in with the Hanged Man’s advice to go within and evaluate yourself. Also, you need to begin CONSCIOUSLY creating a positive mindset. Just like your previous card is telling you to envision a positive future rather than a negative one. I’m detecting a theme…

3. Seven of Wands (R): So here’s what else you need to know about what is upcoming for you. The reversed Seven of Wands is a card of ANXIETY. This anxiety may even be so bad that it is creating health problems and making it really hard for you to live your life. It talks about (even more) feelings of inadequacy, harsh self-judgements, comparing yourself to other people, and feeling generally overwhelmed. And a whisper from this card says, “don’t allow yourself to be caught unprepared”. In relation to the other cards, I believe that this message is really what your mind is constantly telling you and it is causing you to be beyond anxious. So, try to calm those thoughts.
In summary, it doesn’t look like there’s anything horrible thats about to happen, but you are certainly bracing for catastrophe. You are doing this unnecessarily and the anxiety is really hindering you. It’s interesting to me that all three cards have the common thread of the importance of confronting your self-limiting beliefs. Don’t waste time obsessing over this feeling you get that something terrible is going to happen; use that time instead to focus on the many things that could go right! Look into stuff about the Law of Attraction and conscious co-creation. You may be right when you say that every time you get this feeling of impending doom, something ends up happening to confirm it. But consider the possibility that these are self-fulfilling prophecies, and watch out for how much negativity you are letting into your life!

Best of luck and try to think positive!



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