Hi! my name is M, i saw that you are a tarot reader may i have a free one? i’d like to know about love affairs. When will i have some short sex affiar? soon? And i like to know if will I have at the end a short sex affair with (blank). thank you

Hello M,
To address your question about love affairs in general, I did a three card reading for you. Then, to answer your question about having a fling with (blank), I did a yes or no reading.
Here are your cards:

1. Five of Cups (Past) – Ok, so you’ve been hurt by someone in the past. Possibly really bad. You’re coming from a place of understandable negativity and distrust. However, to move on to the next phase in your love/sex life, you will have to do what it takes to release these feelings, which in this case is mainly about forgiving yourself AND whoever hurt you. You should also be very aware that you aren’t judging and comparing new people to the person (or people) who you’ve loved in the past. Oh, and one more thing— this card does sometimes indicate issues with intimacy. Ask yourself if you tend to deal with intimacy in unhealthy ways— perhaps you fear it, or maybe you use it as a tool to get what you want. Whatever the case may be, work on forgiveness and do a sort of attitude inventory on your ideas/thoughts about love and sex.

2. Ace of Pentacles (Present) – Hooray! Once you’ve made it through the challenges represented in your past, you’ll be in a GREAT place emotionally and physically for something new to come into your love/sex life. The Aces are harbingers of new opportunities, and the suit of Pentacles especially deals with finances, day-to-day life issues, etc. This is a great card to pull when you are in the position you are in, M. It says that there will be great potential for starting a new relationship coming as soon as you transcend the issues from card #1. This card indicates good luck, and it encourages you to really put yourself out there and start meeting new people. Whatever type of relationship you are seeking is sure to come, and you will know it’s right if you and the other person find you share the same values. Also, this card sometimes brings with it a faint whisper of a friendship blooming into a love affair…

3. The High Priestess (Future) – To help you make the best of the good luck and new opportunities offered by the previous card, here are some things you will need to keep in mind. You will need to TAKE YOUR TIME in getting to know whoever comes into your life. This is important because the High Priestess tells us that there is always more to know about every situation. In a love setting, you will NEED to know as much as you can before embarking on a partnership. It is also important to do what card #1 said— try to eliminate your tendency to judge new people based on people you have loved in the past. The High Priestess in love indicates that there is no need for fast action. As you’re getting to know potential mates, be a patient observer. Don’t get too attached to quickly to who you THINK the person is before you have taken the time to find out! Look out for people you find yourself immediately judging and rejecting— they may need a closer look.

Okay, and here’s the bad news. I did a yes/no draw about your question regarding (blank). It was a pretty resounding no. There may be more to know than simply “no”, and so let me know if you’d like another brief reading to clarify this issue sometime this week. If (blank) is currently a friend, perhaps that faint whisper from the Five of Cups I mentioned could come in to play here.

Thank you and best of luck! (Even though it looks like you won’t be needing it, hehe!)



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