What I need to know regarding the situation with my ex. Sorry I wasn’t specific with my question. I understand that there’s no time telling when it comes to these things.

Hey, no problem.

The three cards I pulled for you all seem very positive. I was actually surprised; I’m not sure I’ve ever had all of the cards in a spread be so positive— as well as all upright.

Page of Wands:

The Page is a Court card, and Court cards are frequently said to represent people in our lives (or possibly ourselves). I see them more as a set of character traits that are usually parts of the human personality but could just as well represent events or even temporary states of mind. The Page of Wands typically represents a bringer of news that has to do with a new creative chapter. This Page is confident, enthusiastic, and an over-all “free spirit”. Sometimes interpreted as a relationship with a younger woman, though it certainly doesn’t have to be a woman. The Page of Wands is an old soul, and often bears the qualities of a tomboy. Some advice from this card: you (or the other person) are on the brink of a new phase or discovery, and this one is positive. To avoid feeling restless, you must listen to your creative urges.
Does this sound like either of you? See if anything resonates in your personal situation with your ex. Explore those thoughts a little deeper.

Ten of Cups:

In my tarot card meaning journal, I drew a big ol’ smiley face on this page. The card’s keywords are joy, peace, family, alignment, serenity, bonding, forgiving, and truce. Happily ever after. Domestic bliss. Sound good to you? Now let’s see how this relates to you and your ex. In the context of love, it is an indication that you needn’t worry anymore. This card actually points to marriage and long-lasting happiness. The only advice this card brings is to get ready to embrace a state of awesomeness.

The Lovers:

Really? I’m starting to get jealous. 🙂 The Lovers card obviously symbolizes love, relationships, sexuality, etc. But there’s more to the card than what first appears. This card in particular has taken me a really long time to grasp the meaning of, for whatever reason. But I have come to understand that the Lovers card also represents the issue of CHOICE. This can apply to lots of different choices, but some that really stand out to me are choosing to stay in youth or becoming mature, feminine vs. masculine energy and whether to merge them or not. Also, are you making authentic choices? Are you being true to yourself? Are you choosing something over what you truely want? And what is it exactly that you are fighting for?

Overall, your reading bodes quite well for the situation with your ex. Keep in mind, though, that since your ex is a third party and is not themselves asking the question, this information COULD be more about you than about them.

Regardless, you got some pretty damn good cards! 🙂 Hope this helps!



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