Yes you are very kind thank you. Could you clarify the relationship that exists between me and (blank)?I have any hope to have just a small sex affair with her? Please alert me when the reading will be done Thank you very much

Ok, this brings up a good point that I wanted to talk about here on my blog.

One thing I have learned in my study of the Tarot is that asking the same question (or re-wording the same question) is a big no-no.

Personally, I won’t do it.

After a yes/no question, though, sometimes we want a little bit more info. 

In these situations, I find it best to just draw a card. I will give you some general meanings related to this card, then I will give you what I think it might be saying. Feel free to look up the meaning of this card online and see if there’s any more useful or applicable information out there. If you find this of no use whatsoever, try going to one of these sites:

Okay let’s see what we get as a clarification card:

Five of Wands

Some commonly agreed upon meanings for the five of wands are:

  • disagreeing and quarrelling
  • competing against an opponent
  • hassels, annoying demands and setbacks

In my opinion

The clarification you asked for is that there is some competition brewing that you may or may not be aware of. This could be that SHE is “in demand” or being sought after by other(s), or it could be you in this place. Ask yourself— does this relate to me? Am I the object of someone else’s desires? If this is possible, is it also possible that SHE knows this and is keeping her distance because of it? 

There’s always the possibility, too, that she may be being sought after by someone else. How does this make you feel? Do you think you should fight for her? Does competition make you more brave and bold, or does it cause you to shy away? 

So, the answer you got was no, and the clarification to this no is basically the “competition card”. 

Hope this helps somewhat in your understanding of your situation.



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