JJ’s Spread for a New Month



I’m doing this spread for myself tonight, because I’m feeling the call of the cards and wanted to try something new. I like this spread a lot– thanks for sharing it, JJ! Here’s the link there: http://jjreadstarot.wordpress.com

So as usual I unintentionally modified it ever so slightly.

Cards 1, 2 and 3 = definining events/characteristics/people 
Card 4 = me at the start of the month
Card 5 = me at the end of the month

I’m going to go ahead and use reversals here. I feel weird about discontinuing my use of reversals, actually, now that I’ve already started. They add a lot of depth to the cards, I think.

Without further ado, here’s my reading for myself.

1. The Magus – this is an action card with a strong masculine energy. It is all about conscious awareness and power; purposeful and planned actions, acting with intent. Some of my favorite things about the Magus is that his abilities appear “magical”. He is an ultra-achiever. He recieves exactly what he asks for. What could this mean for me? Perhaps I will (finally) take some action on one of the ga-zillion things I feel stuck and stagnant about. This card advises (and warns) against acting before I know what I’m doing, so I’d better make sure to plan things carefully this month.

2. Seven of Swords, Reversed – Hmm. Here’s a card that seems to be slightly more desirable in reverse than upright. But only by a little. Upright, the Seven of Swords is what I aptly named the “thief card” in the beginning of my learning process, and I stick with that name today. Upright, its all about what is being taken from you, or, what you are taking another. Reversed, the card still isn’t a particularly great omen. However, it does indicate some hope to get through these mentally tough times. Your situation is not as bleak as you believe it to be. Your self-limiting beliefs may be giving you an excuse to stay stuck in the mud– get rid of ’em. This card also says something I find VERY relevant — Seek Help. I’m glad to see this in a reading finally; so many cards I draw seem to be saying “go within to find the answers”, but this one suggests that I might be lying to myself. Thanks, reversed seven of Swords, seeking help is on the agenda!

3. Ace of Wands, Reversed – As a final characteristic of my upcoming month, I draw this guy. The burn-out who needs desperately to regain his energy. Really, it’s not as bad as I’m making it out to be. It’s just that the upright Ace of Wands is just bursting with newness and creativity and ideas galore– and the reversed Ace is feeling scattered and needs to narrow down the focus to one thing at a time. This card also signifies the need to talk to someone outside of one’s self. ‘Kay, I really do get the point, I’m going to talk to somebody… One thing that sticks out to me here is that generally, the end of the month is my bad time. I almost always experience hormone-induced exhaustion, get overly frustrated and sometimes even angry with my surroundings not changing fast enough… This sounds like a very valid possibility in my upcoming month. Therefore, I should take that time to slow down, catch a breath, focus on one thing alone, expect a little less of myself, and try to really keep in mind all of my passions and the things that make me happy to be alive.

4. The Chariot, Reversed – I see JJ also pulled this card, but in one of the three characteristics of the month slots. Mine is in my “how I enter the month” slot– that being, pretty much right now. WOW. Um, not to get too terribly personal here but this card is about losing control, often in an emotional way. Over-reacting. Seeing things as totally dismal. Outbursts, even “hysteria” (does this include psychosis?). This is definitely where I am trying to come out of right now. I would actually say that yesterday was my epitomal reversed Chariot day. Totally out-of-control. Hence all this talk about needing to talk to someone/get back in to therapy ASAP.

5. The Empress, Reversed – Reversals seem to just be my life these days. The page in my card meanings journal for this particular one starts off “loss due to a woman’s fury”. Unwanted pregnancy is also scribbled down there. Ehrm, guess we should be extra careful there. It sounds like I need to be extra careful in general at the end of the month! Some other things this card reversed indicates are creative blocks, smothering loved ones, relationship difficulties, and over-dependency. Hmm. Sounds similar to where I started with the reversed Chariot. Note to self: do not be a ruthless bitch during PMS this month! Oh, and lastly– this is another card that suggests speaking with someone completely candidly. Can I start calling therapists offices? I know it’s 4:22 in the morning, but…

Anyway, this was a fun spread! Thanks a lot to JJ over at jjreadstarot.wordpress.com for giving me something to do when I should be sleeping. Smiles.






  1. Clairsentient1 · November 30, 2013

    Reblogged this on Beacon of Aquarius and commented:
    nice spread…

  2. J.J. · December 1, 2013

    Hey! So glad you liked the spread.

    Loved your interpretation of the Chariot Reversed. I know we had that card in common, but I really like your thoughts on a chariot out of control – a little bit of chaos cause by things getting turned upside down.

    • tillytarot · December 7, 2013

      Hey, thanks for the feedback (and the awesome spread)!

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