The Household Spread is based on the imagery of the Tower. Not necessary “XVI – The Tower”, but the more general symbolism of a tower. Thanks to tarot we may have a very negative association with towers, but they’re meant to be symbols of strength, power, and strongholds. Towers keep you safe, protected, and give you a view over your life and land. (You can read more of my thoughts about towers here!)

I like to read with this spread at regular intervals, just to check in on the goings on of my home and the people within it, but if there’s a particular issue coming up in my house then I will also use this spread as needed.

Card 01: What You Let In

Think of this as the energy that you’re inviting into your home. Here you can make sure that what is coming into your home is what you want hanging around, and it’s also a good spot to check in on wards and protections.

Card 02: What’s Missing

This element or energy is not present in your home. Use your own judgement to find if you need this energy or not — if there’s no strife or conflict present, then that’s generally a good sign. But if peace and joy are gone, then you might need to do some work.

Card 03: What You Let Out

This is what you let escape or send out from your home. Again, this may be a good thing or a bad thing. I see this card as something that is actively being thrown out from the home, but it can also mean things that are leaking out without you noticing it.

Card 04: The Attack

This is what causes your home to feel attacked or unhappy, if you’re feeling any discomfort there. If things are going well, consider this to be a potential weakness or vulnerability. 

Cards 5-7+: Occupants

Throw one card for each of the occupants of your home to check in on their current state of mind and being. If there are any problems going on with members of your family, you can spot them here, and also if they’re CREATING any problems. This is a good way to figure out the source of any issues in a home if you’re not sure who is responsible. 

With the holiday season upon us and family shuffling in and out of our homes, I figured it was a good time to share this with you guys, and hopefully it’s as useful for you as it has been for me!

you are working double time for the holidays, aren’t you?


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