slow and steady wins the race

Question: What does (Anonymous Female, aka AF) need to know about the situation between herself and (Anonymous Male/AM)? Specifically looking for signs of any future relationship, romantic OR friendship.

Card 1 represents you in this situation.
Card 2 will represent the dynamic between you two.
Card 3 will represent AM in this situation.

Okay, let’s go…

Card 1: Knight of Wands
The Knight of Wands is representing you and how you stand as it relates to the situation with (AM). The Knight of Wands as a person is a passionate, energetic, and generally “fun” individual. This Knight makes things happen, and can also make just about anyone BELIEVE anything they say. Though they are charming, sometimes they come off as a little fake. While they have a ton of confidence and an adventurous spirit, they also may have a bit of a temper problem. Drawing the Knight of Wands also often symbolizes some overseas travel.

Card 2: The Chariot
This card is representing the romantic dynamic between the two of you. The Chariot is not the most “romantic” of cards— in a love reading it can be a bit hard to interpret. Some aspects of this card definitely apply here, though— what is sometimes seen as “blind willpower” can also be seen as “doing things without thinking them through”. The good news is that the Chariot is a strong, unwavering force, so whatever you find with this person (whether love or hate), it will be very intense and long-lasting.

Card 3: Temperance
This card is representing where (AM) is at in the situation. The Temperence card is all about balancing between two extremes. It can thus indicate a control struggle in the context of romance. This person is feeling divided by the whole thing— what does he really want? He tends to see everything as either black or white, good or bad. Perhaps his trouble right now is in figuring out whether a future relationship would be a positive or a negative. He may be weighing the pros and cons, and ultimately overthinking it.

What this reading is telling us is that you and (AM) are very different people who have different thinking styles. If left alone, this situation is really a “maybe”. It could unfold into something romantic, or it might turn out rather unpleasant before that decision is even considered. What you can do to influence the situation is use your charm and energy to show (AM) why being in a relationship with you would be a GOOD thing. You may have some convincing to do. Make sure to be careful about making those blind, impulsive decisions! You don’t want a relationship based on simply a hot sexual encounter or one good date… take time with this person to get to know them and let them get to know you!


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