trying a new 4-card relationship layout for anon

Anonymous: Hi, I’m currently in a relationship but lately there’s been a lot of tension between me and the guy. A relationship reading please. 🙂

Where You Stand: THREE OF WANDS
Where He Stands: DEATH
Dynamic between you two: FOUR OF WANDS

1. You, the THREE OF WANDS:

This card is all about seeing things in a long-term, bigger-picture perspective. You are doing a lot of planning for the future. You are working on mapping out your destiny. Your mindset is ideal right now for this sort of thinking; you could be coming up with some pretty awesome ideas about your future.

2. Him, DEATH:

… but he is going through a time where change, ending an old cycle and beginning a new one, and a new perspective on life are absolutely necessary for him. He may be resisting this need, and thus causing himself (and whoever is in his path) frustration and even pain. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he needs to be out of the relationship. When I first saw this card, that’s what I thought it was saying— but as it relates to that three of wands, it actually isn’t so bad at all. Numerically speaking, the three of wands and the Death card (which is card XIII) share a three value. The combination of the two is sort of like a bridge: if you stick with him, and he stops resisting the change he has to go through (but instead finds solace and comfort in the companionship you bring), things can go smoothly and have a positive outcome.

3. Dynamic, FOUR OF WANDS:

This card bodes well too. It’s a card of celebration, freedom, excitement, and fulfillment of earlier hopes. For couples it sometimes implies a wished-for pregnancy, marriage, moving in together or some other thing that you had hoped for together in the past. There is some sort of happy event signified here.

4. Advice, KING OF COINS:

As advice, the King of Coins/Pentacles usually first and foremost warns about being careful with your finances. I believe “finances” can be substituted here for just about any resource that the two of you SHARE. Time? Energy? Remember that quality is more important than quantity. Make sure you’re both on the same page about this.

Overall, this was an exciting reading for ME as a beginning reader because of that super cool bridge between the three of wands and the Death card. What looked like it signified the end actually was telling us about an important need that he has, and what you can do to help him get through it. The Four of Wands being your dynamic card is great; I think that once the necessary adjustments are made and issues are confronted, you have a very good chance at seeing a great lessening of the tensions you’ve mentioned.

Hope this is helpful!


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