Hey! It’s Sunday! HAVE A SPREAD! (Spread Sundays…should I make that a thing?)

This is my very first time creating a spread and sharing it with people, so uhhhh if it sucks I’M SORRY. Also feedback is good. Tell me if you used the spread, if you liked it, hated it, if it was helpful or you know whatever.


I made this particular spread because I’m having a situation with a certain boy and you know how all that shit goes. I kinda wanna yell “WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR DEAL?!?!!?” at him, so that’s where the name came from.

This spread does not have to just be about romantic relationships!! Do you have a friend who always seems to be holding back, and you can’t tell what their deal is?? USE THIS. Difficult boss that you want to get to the core of?? HEY WOW THIS SPREAD!

Hope this is actually useful for someone out there!


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