an extremely ambiguous tarot layout i cooked up back in february. in my experience, this is a spread that ends up generating more questions than answers, so i recommend doing it several times in a row for follow up questions on the same topic.


  1. the cause/subject of the reading, such as an action, characteristic, goal, or problem.
  2. the effect of the subject, such as: the affect or result of an action, characteristic or problem, or the obstacle or solution to a goal.

other shit:

  • when interpreting ill-dignified (reversed) cards, i generally think of the card’s energy to be present, but at a low level. some examples of this include:
    ~ the energy has the potential to be present, but is being blocked or inhibited in some way
    ~ the energy has been present, but is gradually losing relevance
    ~ the energy is beginning to gain relevance
    ~ the energy is only present on a superficial or surface level
    ~ the energy is present, but it is detrimental to the situation
  • i recommend trusting gut feelings, intuition, and personal symbolism over external sources. by no means to i object to it; i reference traditional meanings with every single reading i do, but i my readings are always more personalized when i initially interpret them intuitively.

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