love reading for anonymous

Question: What does the Querent need to know about the situation between themselves and this person? Specifically looking for signs of any future relationship, romantic or otherwise, as well as whether action is needed on the part of the querent.

Card 1 represents you in this situation.
Card 2 will represent the dynamic between you two.
Card 3 will represent them, in this situation.
Card 4 will be your advice card.

Okay, let’s go…

Card 1: Seven of Cups

The Cups suit represents emotions and feelings. As a person, the Seven of Cups indicates someone who is a real dreamer. A hopeless romantic. Someone who spends a lot of time thinking about wishes, hopes, dreams… but may not have a very good sense of balance with the physical world around them. Does this sound anything like you? When this card is drawn in general reasons, it indicates that a choice must be made. How fitting. It also carries with it a few major warnings. If the Seven of Cups is you, dear querent, you MUST be vigilant against getting caught up in illusions. Remember that not everything is as it seems— especially for the hopeless romantic. You need to pay close attention to the possibility of being deceived— by another, or by your own self. One-night stands are also something that this card is often associated with. A last warning: don’t escape from your problems using drugs/alcohol/etc. Reality can be tough, and the temptation to numb it out can be intense… but in the long run, you’re only going to put yourself in a much worse spot if you use escapism rather than facing reality. In love, the Seven of Cups indicates a person who may have the tendency of being drawn to that “new-relationship” feeling— but has trouble toughing things out when infatuation progresses into love (and all of the problems love brings!).

Card 2: 8 of Cups

The 8 of Cups is representing the dynamic between you and the person you’re asking about. It took me a lot of time to figure out what the 8 of Cups could mean in this position. However, some things stuck out at me like a sore thumb. This card is sometimes called the “morning after” card. Hmm. Some keywords and phrases associated with this card: moving on, fatigue, emotional overextension, lack of motivation, and “energy vampires” (if you aren’t familar with this term, google it! It’s interesting stuff). In a relationship setting, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to bode very well. The messages are: you need to know when to move on. You (or the other) are feeling drained because one of you has done WAY more to meet the needs of the other, and has been left unfilfilled themselves. This may not have already happened, but perhaps this “dynamic” card is foretelling what it would be like to pursue something further with this person. Lastly, a little honest advice from a caring soul. This card often indicates that the querent has/is/will be investing far too much of their precious emotion (your cups) into something that eventually makes them feel like less of a person. Be very alert, dear querent. If you choose to pursue anything with this person and you begin to feel your self-confidence dwindling, STOP. That is a time when you must walk away.

Card 3: Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles is representing the person you’ve asked about. Whereas you are represented by the suit of Cups, this person is a Pentacle. Pentacles = coins/disks in other decks, and the suit is all about things of the material world. Money, yes, but also anything relating to every day life. The non-spiritual realm. Right away, this is suggesting to me that this person has a very fundamentally different view of life than you do. So. How to put this nicely. The Four of Pentacles is sometimes referred to as the “miser” card (I call it Scrooge). It is also in some circles considered one of the “red flag” cards in love and romance (see the link I just posted about this, it’s very interesting). The keywords and phrases that go with this card are: control, possession, conservatism, focus on material wealth, greed. A personification of the Four of Pentacles would be a person who equates material possessions and wealth with success and happiness. Though they may be financially secure, they’re always on edge about losing that security. They do not take risks, are generally resistent to change, and have an excessively cautious outlook on life. This cripples them. In a relationship, there are several possibilities for how this would play out: one is that once a commitment has been established and they feel “in control” in the relationship, things will go peacefully. (But how peaceful does that sound, really?) Another is that they may become extremely possessive and controlling. In a worst case scenario, they may even seem to view their partner as their property. Before a commitment has officially been made is when they may be at their worst! If they get the sense that they cannot have ALL of you to themselves, they may act cold and cruel towards you. So. Does this all sound like it could possibly apply? Be honest with yourself in your assessment.

Card 4: The Lovers

Oh, the Lovers card for your advice. Interesting. Ah, this card is (I feel) often very misunderstood. A lot of people hear “lovers” and assume the card is just about romance and peachy relationships and idyllic love… well, it can be in SOME cases, but there’s so much more to it. See, the Lovers card is actually more about making a choice than it is about actual love and romance. Often that choice has to DO with love and romance. It can be a choice between two potential partners, or a choice to follow up on an encounter with a person just like as you are faced with now. It’s important to make a decision— the right one. How do you figure out what the right decision is? Intuition. NOT wishful thinking, NOT how you would LIKE things to turn out, but what your heart tells you deep down. The choice you make could hurt and suck to have to make, but if you’ve acted in alignment with your intuition, you’ve made the right choice and probably avoided some real shitstorms. Stand fast in whatever you decide, don’t turn back. You won’t be able to take it back.


The advice card is where I was looking for an answer to “should I act or not”. The Lover’s card is sort of an action card, but it’s telling you the action you need to make is a DECISION. Hm, how helpful, huh?
Hopefully you find something helpful that resonates with you situation here. Remember, blind Tumblr readings can be far less accurate than those done in person, and remember too that ultimately you have the power of choice in all aspects in your life. You can say “this reading is garbage” if it doesn’t resonate with you! (I hope it was at least helpful though. It was fun and taught me quite a bit actually in doing it.)



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