A Free Reading I Just finished up on my Tarot Tumblr…

A Free Reading I Just finished up on my Tarot Tumblr…

I am using a spread I’m working on right now for love related questions/inquiries. I forgot to ask you before your question magically disappeared from my inbox whether you’re currently seeing someone or not. 
I’m gonna go with not, and if I’m wrong, hey, maybe you’ll still find something of interest.
This will be a four card reading.

Card 1 = Lesson You Must Learn in order to meet your outcome (card four)
Card 2 = AVOID. Whether it be styles of thinking or actual people— these qualities are what you need not bother with.
Card 3 = ATTRACT. Also known as “look for this”. Again, applies to your mindset about romance, or can represent an actual person you should pay special attention to.
Card 4 = Outcome if you take the time to learn the lesson in Card 1.

This is a first try for this spread, so I’m excited. Let’s go! http://wp.me/p48v1o-I



  1. Nicole · December 30, 2013

    Ha, well now you have a new follower on Tumblr. I also give lots of free readings there, it’s a great way to practice

    • tillytarot · December 30, 2013

      Yay! I agree, it is a good spot for practice!

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