Galina’s Four Card L<3VE Forecast

I am using a spread I’m working on right now for love related questions/inquiries. I forgot to ask you before your question magically disappeared from my inbox whether you’re currently seeing someone or not.
I’m gonna go with not, and if I’m wrong, hey, maybe you’ll still find something of interest.
This will be a four card reading.

Card 1 = Lesson You Must Learn in order to meet your outcome (card four)
Card 2 = AVOID. Whether it be styles of thinking or actual people— these qualities are what you need not bother with.
Card 3 = ATTRACT. Also known as “look for this”. Again, applies to your mindset about romance, or can represent an actual person you should pay special attention to.
Card 4 = Outcome if you take the time to learn the lesson in Card 1.

This is a first try for this spread, so I’m excited. Let’s go!

Card 1 – Six of Pentacles

Each card in the Tarot can be somewhat open to different interpretation, but they all have certain themes that are pretty universally accepted. So, this card is in the suit of Pentacles, thereby signifying things of the material realm (not just money, but money is a big one). General keywords are charity, having/not having, generosity, knowledge, power. It has been called the hiring and firing card by some readers. As it relates to love and romance and lessons you must learn, the message to me here seems pretty clear: stop worrying. You will see the results of your efforts— but you must put yourself in alignment with the universe to RECEIVE. This is a powerful message if, perhaps, you’ve been holding yourself back in this area of your life. My favorite message from this card is “love is an infinitely renewable resource”.

Card 2 – Four of Cups

Here’s what you should steer clear of. The Cups suit deals with emotion and basically anything or anyone you are emotionally attached to. That’s interesting. The Four of Cups is a very good card to fall in the position of warning: avoid too much wishful thinking. Understand the true limitations of having a negative mindset (or, stay away from a person who is steeped in negativity). It also speaks of boredom and complacency. Sometimes in relationship readings it indicates that a couple is getting bored with eachother and need to shake things up. It also warns against a sense of entitlement, a “spoiled brat” attitude, and not being thankful for what you have. Again, this is what you want to avoid— when reading these cards together I’m thinking that it applies as much to you and making some tweaks in your own attitude as it does to what to stay away from when meeting new potential love interests. So. Check yo’self for negativity and make sure that you are really expressing gratitude for what you have first— and keep your guard up against people who fit all of these characteristics!

Card 3 – Four of Wands

What you should aim for/look for/be open to… Hey look, two Fours in a row. The Fours in Tarot are usually indicative of a time of stability, sometimes positive and sometimes negative. The Wands suit has to do with spiritual conquests and issues, and they represent the fire signs in the zodiac (Sagittarius, Leo and Aries). The Four of Wands is a pretty happy card to pull, signifying a celebration of a happy event (an unexpected but happy pregnancy, a marriage, etc). Hopes from the past being fulfilled. Rejoicing, excitement and freedom, or “breaking free”. How might this apply to who you should look for? I’m going to say that if you’re looking for a new love, the right one will be someone who has a solid foundation, believes in the sanctity and value of relationships and therefore is NOT a known cheater, womanizer, etc. This person is probably very optimistic about life in general. And, going back to the “fulfillment of past hopes” thing, you’re going to know this person when you meet them because they are, deep down, what you’ve really been looking for all along!

Card 4 – Page of Wands

Teehee. AWESOME. The Court cards (King, Queen, Knight, Page) in all suits are generally agreed to represent an actual person. When not an actual person, the characteristics OF this personality card. So we’re again in the Wands— oh, did I mention sexual passion is also a big part of this suit? The Page is the “Little Guy” of the court cards, often indicating someone either younger than you, or someone who has childlike characteristics. Obviously this has its pros and cons. The keywords surrounding this card: creativity, enthusiasm, confidence and courage. This Page is my favorite because it can sometimes indicate a younger woman and or/a Tomboy. I don’t know what your sexual preferences are, but I just think that’s a cool aspect to throw in there. Creative new adventures and the ability to release old ties to the past (fears and doubts in particular) surround this card. As advice, the Page of Wands tells us to listen to our creative urges. This card may be describing the relationship you will attain once you’ve learned the lesson in Card 1. Free spirits, old souls, a clean slate. Sounds awesome.

Overall I’d say you have a LOT of hope on your side. I’m going to provide a couple of links for each of the cards here that give further info, and have helped me a lot in learning these particular cards.
I hope you’ve enjoyed your reading!


Six of Pentacles: –
BiddyTarot –

Four of Cups –
Keen –
TrustedTarot –

Four of Wands –
Crystal Reflections –
TeachMeTarot –

Page of Wands –
BiddyTarot –
TrustedTarot –


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