Here’s a spread I’ve been sitting on for awhile. I’m posting it now as a…gift? A thank you? I’m not sure. Technically, this is a draft of a spread, not the final version though…

But anyway, awhile ago, gullveig (♥ ♥ ♥) suggested a spread to realize one’s special talents. This is actually a very simplistic spread — don’t let the number of cards fool you.

Basically the left hand side of the spread is about talents you already have and the right hand side are about undiscovered talents. The 9th card in the middle is the glue that holds everything together.

Cards 1 and 3 are the already present talents. These may be things that you know you can do, but they may be things you haven’t fully explored yet and aren’t aware that you’d actually be really good at them, or things you don’t really think of as talents, but they are

Cards 2 and 4 are what you can do with that talent (Card 2 is for Card 1’s talent, Card 4 is for Card 3’s). You could, for example, use your talents to develop some new talent, which was my original idea. But it’s also a good way to see how you could be using your talents in ways you hadn’t thought of.

Cards 5 and 7 are new, unknown talents. Note that you may not necessarily be immediately brilliant at these things, but they’re areas that you should explore and would do well in.

Cards 6 and 8 are how you can develop those talents (Card 6 for Card 5’s talent, Card 8 for Card 7’s). I think these cards are particularly important because it’s one thing to be like “Huh, so I could be really good at this thing?” and another to actually know where to start in that area and what to do with it to get better. Those are the kind of answers you can find in these two cards.

Card 9 is how to bring these talents together — perhaps pointing to some new venture that can use your developing skillset. But, Card 9 can also be used to narrow your focus as well. If you’ve got a lot of different options thrown down, it can be overwhelming. So if you want, Card 9 can point to the area you should devote your attention to. I usually wait to deal until after I’ve read the other cards, so that I know which direction I want to take the card in.

I’ve been testing this spread since just before mid-July and I’m pretty happy with it. So now I’ll give it to you guys and hopefully you’ll like it as well! And of course any feedback is appreciated 😀

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