Do you ever feel like you’re missing something? That you want something, but you’re not sure what? You think that you could be happy, if only you could just figure out what would help. WELL I DO, OKAY? And so I made this — the Smiling Moon Spread.

Card One is your unconscious desire.

Card Two is what has kept you from realizing this desire. Note that this may be something that has kept you from knowing what you want AND/OR from getting what you want — and they’re often two sides of the same coin.

Card Three is why you want that thing. Is there something missing that you think it will fill? What impact would it have on your life that would cause you to feel that Card One will bring a positive change to your situation?

Card Four is where you can start to bring your desire into your life. This may be an action you can take to make room for it or a way to knock down the block that Card Two creates, or even just a place to look to find the thing. You can decide ahead of time which aspect you’re looking for or use your context clues once you’ve drawn the cards.

This is a shorter spread, somewhat inspired by The Moon of the Victorian Fairy Tarot. (I haven’t yet decided where it falls in my spread project!) A spread for a subject like this could easily take up many more cards, but I like to keep it simple both as a general preference for my spreads, and because I’m not looking to overwhelm myself with information on something I didn’t even know about before. A general idea of what’s happening, a first step to take…that’s all I want for the moment. But if you wanted to add information, the spread easily accommodates into a wider arc!

Lastly, you may notice this is a bit fancier of an image than my spreads normally are normally given. I’m gonna be trying out a lot of different borders and fonts and such to see what I like for my spread book! I’ve already decided against these particular borders for the book, but I thought they were cute enough to stay in the spread image. If you’re interested, I grabbed them from here!


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