The ‘Four Knight’s Defense’ is created after a common chess opening – not only because I’m so fond of chess, but for the simple fact that chess is a fine abstraction of common human relationship.

When meeting any person in any situation the ‘opening’ is important: What is my first move? How will the other one react or take it? What is my second move? How will the ‘board’ i.e. the situation look for me?
Like in life, a good chess opening can decide over the whole game, on the other hand a messed up opening is hardly to ‘repair’ later on.

The ‘Four Knight’s Defense’ is a very useful spread when you want to shed some light on your relation to a person or a meeting with a person or situation. It is also helpful when you want to know more about your position or your chances regarding a person or situation.

^ Found this while collecting tarot spreads. Thought I’d share.

I like it because chess. . .


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