From LoveDoveTarot.com: 

Codependency Tarot Therapy

It’s no secret that most relationship troubles stem from the fact that we try to make the other person responsible for our own happiness. To a certain extent we are all codependent… and very few of us have reached that place where we go, ‘Hey, wait a minute – until I take responsibility for this, I’m just running around in circles!’

This little spread will help you unfuck that tendency to look for happiness in anybody but yourself. Using a dark deck is always a good idea when it comes to exploring our own Shadow.

Here are the meanings for each card position:

1. What do I need to know about my own codependent tendency

2. How I seek to be rescued

3. What I need to do to rescue myself

4. What I will encounter on my mission to unfuck myself

5. What I need to do about it

6. The result


1. Fate (trad. Wheel of Fortune) – The time has come to finally end this pattern. This is a card of expansion and timing as well as taking a chance.

2. The Magician – The ideal man… any man. A man embodying the animus. Pure masculine/yang energy.  There is nothing wrong with seeking balance between masculine and feminine energy. What is wrong is putting the onus for that balance on an outside source. Alchemy of the Soul is all about finding that balance within.

3. Jonathan The Fool – It’s time to journey toward freedom – a concept very much linked to the Fool card. The card image is interesting. Jonathan is not stepping off a cliff here, like in the traditional Rider Waite imagery… he’s entering Dracula’s abode. What will he encounter when he steps boldly into the underworld of his own Shadows?

4. 9 of Wands – The Sun (masculine power) has set Dracula/the animus on fire!  To me it looks like Dracula is running from the flames. The journey to wholeness involves learning to not be afraid of your own power.

5. 6 of Wands – The three women in this card are dressed in the same colours as the Fates in card one… further confirmation that the time is NOW… and also that lessons from the past are ready for integration in order to create positive forward movement.

In this image, Dracula is summoning his three brides. He is in a position of power over them. Traditionally, the 6 of Wands is card of victory and success – very much a male ego card. An action for this card would be to be in command of feminine expression from a place of power, using this expression to give joy rather than seeking to extract in the form of power and admiration from an external source. The 6 of Wands gives you the power toradiate.

6. Judgement – Looking for mastery of the masculine Fire Element? Here you have it! This is the card of pure Fire and also of transformation/rebirth as it corresponds to Pluto. The Fool has been reborn and clearly unfucked himself… No going back to the old, disempowered way of being now!


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