ANON asked asoulajar:

Hi! I’d like a reading please, in recent weeks my life has completely collapsed from every direction and I’ve been feeling like there is literally no way out for me. I just want to know if things are going to get better, and thank you.

Holy crap, I just looked over your blog a little bit and I have to say first and foremost I am SO sorry about what you’re going through. It sounds like you are at that point where one bad thing after another is happening and you feel beaten to a pulp. I sympathize with you and am also coming from a place of a recently shattered life. I will go ahead and do a reading for you and post it to my blog as anonymous. Positive vibes sent your way… off to do some tarot!

1. Past: Four of Swords
This is known as the “rest and repose” card. It indicates that you came from a place of MENTAL down time, perhaps taking a break from things in this realm. Whether you knew it or not, your mind was using this as a time to prepare for battle.
2. Present: Death
The Death card actually is wildly appropriate here and I’m glad to see it in this position for you. Basically what it’s saying is that you’ve reached the end of one major cycle in your life. A new one is promised to come, so don’t lose hope. Right now, you need to try to focus on clearing out all of the remnants of the past in order to move on to the next cycle. This is a card of transformation.
3. Future: 10 of Wands
This is mostly good. You will find success. The 10 of Wands indicates the fulfillment of a process, a goal acheived— but carries with it a pressing reminder that you will need to KEEP working hard to keep this success alive. There is burden in your future, but once you make it through the transformation of the Death card, there is also achievement.
4. Advice: Queen of Wands
As advice, the Queen of Wands is telling you the be bold, be spontaneous, and listen to your own divine insight (because deep down, you have the resources to fight through this time). She advises you to keep your temper in check, and suggests using some sort of creative outlet for doing so. I think the biggest message of this card to YOU right now is to continue being brave and know that you have the answers deep inside of you.
5. Outcome: King of Pentacles
Tricky. A Court card as an outcome. Well, let me tell you first about the King of Pentacles: he’s a hard-working, stable, steady and committed fellow. In a relationship reading, he would indicate a very loyal lover who is in it for the long haul. He has his down sides, too: stubborn, sometimes a little dull, stagnant. But if I were to describe this King as an outcome, I’d say that you will be eventually seeing a lot of grounded, down-to-earth stability and material abundance. Your situation, if you follow the advice from card #4, will stabilize!

I hope this helps. I’m so sorry to hear about your recent downturns. I would suggest you look up the Death card for yourself and sort of get to know the real concepts behind it, because it really is very fitting in your current circumstances.



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