Hello, asoulajar!
I was wondering if I could have a reading. Right now, I’m having a hard time finding a job. 6 places I replied already said now and I’m waiting for the last one. I have a good feeling about it, but I don’t want to get my hopes up. If you could give me some insight, I’d be so grateful!
— holdingfermata

Ah, yay! A question that isn’t about relationships. 🙂
I was looking around for a spread to use for this, but nothing caught my eye, So I’m going to pull a few cards in response to your situation.

Question: What does holdingfermata need to know overall about the job situation?
Answer: Knight of Swords
Explained: The Knight of Swords is a court card, meaning it GENERALLY is referring to a person in your life (or one who might show up!). In this case, let me just give you some of the key concepts, and you can draw your own conclusion about what this card is trying to tell YOU.
As a person, they are: knowledgeable, opinionated, intelligent, logical, and direct to the point of being tactless and rude at times. They are not very compassionate, intuitive, or merciful.
As a situation: it is a time of very rapid changes. The suit of Swords deals mostly with things of the mental world, so we may be talking about changes of your own mind. Are you prone to changing your mind a lot?
As advice, this card is saying pretty bluntly that you are very dedicated to your goal, but you need to not be in such a hurry. You may be cutting corners or taking shortcuts that are detrimental to your situation.

Question: What should holdingfermata look to for guidance?
Answer: Six of Swords
Explained: Ok, another swords card. So there’s definitely something in the mental world going on. The Six of Swords speaks about recovering from some mental down-time (a setback?), and also about traveling. This can be literal travel, or, as I see it, an inner journey. As advice, this card tells you that there are situations you need to abandon that are messing with your mental clarity. You need to keep an open— but also CLEAR mind, so that you will see all of the possibilities that you might otherwise be missing. You need to look at things as they are right now— not as you wish they were. This card offers a little hint too… something about helping others. I don’t know what field of work you are in, but I think that this card is sort of a cosmic nudge telling you to pay special attention to job opportunities that involve service.

Question: What should holdingfermata avoid on this path?
Answer: Three of Swords
Explained: Ok, they’re ALL Swords. What the hell. Anyway. The three of swords is an unhappy card, signifying heartbreak, rejection, painful news, hurt feelings, and pain from external sources. Rejection really sticks out here. My interpretation of the answer to this question is that you must not allow the pain of rejection that you are feeling hold you back. Some advice that goes along with this card is to experience your pain, then LET IT GO. Express yourself in some creative way. Practice radical acceptance! Getting stuck wallowing in pain is SO not your thing right now!

Best of luck to you, I hope this helped! Namaste!


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