Blocks To Creativity Spread

To go along with my last post (a video from tarotreadingsbykate on blocks to creativity), I decided to follow suit and do one for myself. Just to see. In all honesty folks, I think I know what my main creativity blocks are right now, and they’re things I struggle with WANTING to change enough vs. doing things as I always have.

So, this particular reader did a sort of freeform reading, where the first two cards represented Blocks to Creativity, and the third card represented a Guidance or “Way Out”.

Block #:1



Now, interpreting a very positive card not only as relating to me (I am DEFINITELY not the refined lady in her garden of money), but also as a creativity block was a toughie. Until it came to me.
I have grown too accustomed to being bailed out, getting seemingly random but oh-so-well-timed financial gifts, and basically just always finding “just enough” to get by. In this mindset, I have grown lax in my motivation to do much of anything. What’s worse, I’ve learned through this very long period of personal poverty that just sailing by with the things I THINK are bare necessities is not in alignment with what I actually NEED.

Block #2:


-risk of co-dependency
and… the kicker:
-GETTING ADDICTED TO THE “RECOVERY MINDSET”. Ouch. Sharp words from the tarot… stings a little.



-clear, sharp and quick wit
-filled with wisdom and intelligence
-great communication skills
-being in charge of my mind
-setting boundaries
-taking control
-remaning detached and objective
-projecting a sense of authority

Wow. Okay, first of all, I am basically living as a hermit right now. An agorophobe? What’s the word for “afraid of everything”? So- I need to look to extroverted activities to get out of this block. (Kinda knew that.) At my best, I am clear minded and full of intelligence and wisdom. But the King of Swords can do something I can’t: remaining objective and detached. As guidance, I need to try to aim toward these qualities in every way I can. “Projecting a sense of authority” is a good one because, well, have you ever noticed that if you ACT super confident and take-charge-ish, people around you get startled and tend to act in tow? Another case of fake it till ya make it.

This was a quick and enlightening spread, and also shined the light on things I already know to be true. Which is, in my opinion, what the Tarot is meant to do!


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