reading for anon: The Magician’s Energy!

Hi, dearie! Here I am asking for guidance again. Where have you been?! I hope everything is all right. My ex is back into my life, there has been a possible pregnancy involved, and I’m still caught up confused whether he has or he doesn’t have someone new. You know I’ve been hurt before, I just want to be strong for what’s next. What is the future between us? I need to know what’s going on in his life, and if I’m in his plans, sigh. Thank you!

Hello yourself! I’ve been wondering the same about you! I see things have been tumultuous to say the least… I’m just going to go kind of free form with this and draw some cards.

1. Four of Cups – I seem to remember pulling this exact card for you before. Weird. This card in the context of this reading is saying your emotions are at a pinnacle within a relationship. There is some risk of couples getting bored with one another right now. Make sure you aren’t taking anything in life for granted right now (particularly in the realm of emotional matters)!
2. The Magician
The Magician is a trump card and therefore his message is not to be taken lightly. As a person, he is “the manifester”, the one who makes things happen, and he has masculine energy. This is a card of action, and it sets the “mood” for the whole reading. The card’s numerical value is one, which is the number of creation (this might speak of pregnancy). The energy this card is trying to impart on you is the power of transformation, manifestation and personal power.
3. Seven of Cups (R)
The Reversed Seven of Cups appears when you are worried and anxious. The reason for your worry and anxiety is simple. You need to figure out what it is that YOU want, truly. This might mean taking a time out or finding some space to think clearly on your own. Once you have figured out what YOU want, sister, you gotta go with it. You have been given that Magician’s energy and it calls you to action. Right now, you’re confused emotions are muddying up the water and you can’t see to the bottom. Instead of worrying about what HE wants and what HE is thinking… shift that Magician’s energy focus onto yourself. Everything else will fall in place.


If you’d like an extra couple of cards pulled, let me know, but I really think that this is some really sound and wise stuff the cards are telling us about your situation. Try to make lists— list things you’d like to have in your future. Vague, specific, whatever. Just list. Envision them. The Magician’s energy be with you!


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