love reading for anon

Hi! There’s this guy I recently met—a friend of a friend—and I find myself attracted to him because we have a lot of similarities. Can I ask for a Tarot reading about whether it’ll lead anywhere (e.g. a romantic relationship, or friendship, or maybe nothing much)? 

Okay, I’ll pull some cards for you. What does ____ need to know about this new person in their life?

Seven of Pentacles, Reversed:
Okay, so when upright, the Seven of Pents is all about planning something within the physical realm, assessing and evaluating, and ending up with a favorable outcome. But it’s come up reversed, which can generally mean that the upright meaning is blocked or distorted somehow. Specifically, it can mean you’ve made a wrong turn somewhere and it’s brought about some kind of hardship financially. It can indicate a need to really buckle down, tighten the budget— not just money-wise, but with all of your physical resources. Your original plan isn’t turning out the way you hoped it would. You’re not quite ready for the next phase (oh yeah, this card is in a “past” position). I had a hard time relating this to a romantic situation, so I’m just going to quote
“Reversed Seven of Pentacles implies the carelessness which leads to disaster. In other words, the relationship is based on impulsiveness which is bringing in a lot of red flags. Critical thinking on weighing pros and cons are not being done. Consequently, the future of the relationship turns negative or unhealthy in nature. For feelings, reversed Seven of Pentacles shows scattered thoughts. That is, your love interest has too many things going in his mind for which you are definitely not his priority.”

Knight of Pentacles

Ooh, a Knight. This is referring to someone specific in your life. Is it him? You tell me. This person is: Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. They are hard-working to the point of stubbornness, but the get shit done! They are a “craftsman”, so they probably work in a creative field or just generally like to make things. He’s very loyal, very patient. He can get wrapped up in some trouble with things like gambling, idleness, or on the other extreme, over-working himself. Knights represent sort of an adolescant energy, and the Pentacles suit is all about material/physical things. Money, property, possessions, and general stability in life circumstances. He’s looking, however, at…

Death, Reversed

Don’t worry! Death does not mean DEATH in the Tarot. 🙂 Upright it would mean something is coming to an end so that something new can begin. And seriously, look at the picture of the Knight above: he’s looking right at this card. In its reversed position, something is thwarting you from being able to complete a necessary cycle to start anew. You may be or feel stuck in limbo, resisting change for reasons like fear or inability to let go of the past. The advice that goes along with this card is: let go of obsessive thinking. Figure out how you can get past whatever is stopping you from being able to move on from the past (which is represented by that Seven of Pents Reversed up there) and get rid of it. Reminds me, I was just listening to a kind of powerful meditation on youtube about letting go of past hurts: Check it out if you’re into meditation with binaural tones and stuff, it’s pretty cool.

Hope this helped!



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