My List of Card Nicknames

This is definitely a work in progress.

Ace: Mental Potential
II: Stalemate
III: Pain From Outside
IV: Rest & Repose
V: Philosophy Born In Pain
VI: Mental Progress
VII: Thief
IX: Dark Night of the Soul
X: Bad End to a Bad Situation

Ace: Emotional Potential
II: Union/Soulmate
III: Friendship
IV: Complacency
V: What Might Have Been
VI: Childlike Happiness
VII: Wishful Thinking
VIII: Moving On
IX: The Wish Card
X: Happy Relationships

Ace: Creative Potential
II: The World In Your Hands
III: Experiencing
IV: Kick Back & Celebrate
V: Disagreement
VI: Victory Wreath
VII: The Upper Hand
VIII: It’s Coming Quickly
IX: Strength From Within
X: Burden

Ace: Material Potential
II: Juggling/Play
III: Persistence
IV: Miser
V: Hard Times
VI: Charity
VII: Planning
VIII: Steady Improvement
IX: Self-reliance
X: Happily Ever After

Court Cards

King of Swords: Warrior of Clarity
Queen of Swords: Queen of Strategy
Knight of Swords: Savant
Page of Swords: Wounded Hero Child

King of Cups: Father
Queen of Cups: Muse
Knight of Cups: Emo/Knight in Shining Armor
Page of Cups: Oedipus/Express Yo’ Self

Kings of Wands: King Charisma
Queen of Wands: Intuitive Type-A
Knight of Wands: Salesman
Page of Wands: Tomboy

King of Pentacles: Builder
Queen of Pentacles: Housewife
Knight of Pentacles: Craftsman
Page of Pentacles: Playground of Possibilities


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