I’ve talked about slumps, dry spells, and disconnects before — this is a more personalized approach to finding a solution. I’d like to update my original post, but until then…here’s the spread I was testing out earlier.

I decided to just go ahead and put the spread out as it is now. I like it and I think it works. But because this is literally my first draft of the spread, any feedback would be even more appreciated than usual!

Card One is where you were before the slump.

Card Two is what caused the slump or allowed it to happen.

Card Three is where you’re at now.

So, before we move on to the next cards, I want to explain this progression. I think it’s important, especially in these situations, to sort of check in on where you’re actually at and where you were before. Comparing the situations and seeing how you got to where you’re at is important, because it helps you understand what happened, and that’s how you make a plan to get out. 

Card Four is what keeps you down — this is why you haven’t moved on and why you feel like you’re in the slump to begin with. Think of it as your obstacle — this is what you’re up against.

Card Five is your first step out of the slump. Something I really focus on a lot in these situations is “Well what do I do NEXT? What do I do now??” This is your answer to that question.

Card Six is what I call the signs on the path. It’s what keeps you moving forward and what stops you from sliding back down into the slump.

Card Seven is where you’re headed. One of the keys to pulling yourself out of the slump and continuing onward is knowing what you’re actually working toward. It’s easy to lose your sense of direction down there — this is your North Star.


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