if i could have a reading i’d appreciate it. i’m tired of being single and i was wondering if you could ask the cards if anybody special could be coming my way? How shall i find this person?

I first drew three cards: where you’re at, what needs to change, and what the outcome will be.

Where you’re at: The Wheel of Fortune

The card of destiny and luck. If things aren’t going the way you want them to be going right now, don’t panic, because if there’s one guarantee in life that is that nothing stays the same. When this card comes up, I usually take it to mean that a change in “luck” is coming your way, so you’d best prepare for it. This means letting go of the need to control situations, going with the flow, and being flexible to accomodate whatever new things life is going to throw your way. Seems good.

What needs to change: 6 of Wands

This card is about the pride we feel after accomplishing something we’ve worked hard for. It is certainly a card of good tidings and celebration, but it carries with it a strong warning against letting your ego get too inflated or else you will be knocked off your high horse. There is a shadow side of arrogance, a condescending attitude, a superiority complex, etc. indicated by this card. Do a little self-reflection… might there be someone you aren’t seeing because you subconsciously (or consciously) feel “above” them? You will need to let go of any kinds of prejudice or close-minded thinking, as well as any tendencies toward an over-active sense of importance.

What the outcome will be: Page of Wands

Awesome. A court card usually indicates a person coming into your life. Pages usually come bearing a message. The Page of Wands is driven by passionate, creative energy. He/she is going to catch your eye through an invitation to do something creative that you might normally not do because you think you’re not talented enough. OR— the person will be revealed to you in a dream. So pay attention! 🙂

Hope this helped,



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