My Birthday Spread

(well, the spread is not mine, the birthday is.)

Last year: 10 of Wands

Let Go of: 4 of Pentacles

Gift: The Chariot 

Embrace: 10 of Pentacles, R

This year: Ace of Cups

My favorite card is the Ace of Cups. That’s special.

Last year as the 10 of Wands: The “burden” card. Stress, hard work, oppression from every side. Completion of a cycle but the awareness of the continued work that must be put in to uphold what you’ve achieved overshadows the joy of the accomplishment. Setting yourself up to fail, trying to help other people in a way that leaves you unbalanced. In relationships, taking on too much, a passive-aggressive spiral. Question: do you enjoy living this way, or do you do it because you’re afraid of change? 

Let Go Of: 4 of Pentacles. This card has been coming up in my readings a lot lately, so I think its meaning has really “clicked” in my head finally. This is the “Miser” card. It is someone holding on so tightly to what they have— albeit very little— that they miss opportunities and basically block all possible change from occurring. This card also sometimes applies to shut-ins and agorophobics. Hmm. Fear of spending money, taking risks, selling out, losing what you have. In a relationship, can indicate a bit of possessiveness, controlling attitudes, holding on to that person so tightly for fear of losing them that you actually cause them to WANT to get away from you. I definitely need to let go of all of the energies in this card.

The Chariot as a Gift… victory through hard work, emerging from a difficult struggle weary but victorious. “After every battle is a need for new energy.” Hey, that’s right… I’m still living in the front lines of what happened to me last year/the year before… I do need a new energy, desperately.

 Embrace the 10 of Pentacles Reversed? This one will take a little further research. Why do I need to embrace financial failure? Particularly the demise of my family’s resources? I am seeing a lot about family estates/inheritances, and also traditions causing trouble. Traditions. Family traditions. Family traditions causing trouble. Embrace… should I start going to church? I’m still a bit confused about this but I’m sure it will come to me…

This year as THE ACE OF CUPS! Aw, thank you tarot! What a lovely birthday present. This is my favorite card. The art on the Morgan Greer deck’s Ace of Cups is stunning. When interpreting Aces, I always say “the potential for…” and then apply its characteristics. So, this year has a potential for…    overwhelming love, compassion, emotion… messages from dreams, developing intuition, spiritual awakening, transcendent love and happiness, opening of psychic channels…sweet. So everything I want.

But I already knew that, right? Because every freaking DAY has the potential for all this and more. 


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