3 Card Relationship Dynamic Reading for Anonymous

Hey there! I saw you posting about free readings and I was wondering if I could have this reading asoulajar(.)tumblr(.)com/post/75992370102/what-energies-surround-the-possibility-of-a this is regarding my ex and our relationship has ended but I just don’t think it’s over for very specific spiritual reasons. I would just like some guidance about if I’m right or if I need to just completely move forward. I would also like to keep this private. Thank you so much.

Certainly! Thanks for picking a spread! (Makes it easier on me!)

Okay so here’s what I have pulled:

You + The Relationship: Strength
I didn’t inquire about the genders of each person, but looking at your blog I can ascertain that: 1. You are a woman, 2. You don’t really like gender binaries either. Cool! I’m very on board there. In the tarot, there are a lot of very gender-specific cards. Some people find this off-putting. I think they’re stupid. The point is the energy. There is male and female energy. It doesn’t mean the card represents the querent’s gender. The Strength card is a great example of FEMININE strength. Whereas many of the “male energy” cards are very bold and derisive (the whole warrior mentality), the Strength card represents different kinds of strength: compassion, self-control, honesty and objectivity, self-awareness, etc. In love readings, it can represent a “double edged sword” kind of situation. On the one hand, the relationship has strong roots with you. Sexually, quite positive. More neutral is the warning: don’t push the boundaries. Yet. And on the sort of negative side of things, there is an indication of making the same mistakes over and over again and not really learning your lessons.

Them + The Relationship: Death, Rx
Ah, no, not Death! Just kidding. In the reversed position, it can represent an inability to move on, being stuck, or just plain resisting a much needed change. There’s another interesting aspect I read somewhere— “using change to avoid realizing loss”. This person needs to know that it’s okay to let go of whatever it is thats keeping them up at night. The past only really exists so that you can LEARN the lessons, then, LET GO. Without one step, there can’t be the next. It sounds like this person may be very hung up on letting go of whatever split the two of you apart to begin with.

How to better the connection between the two: Page of Cups
I’m going to say this isn’t representing an actual person, but the characteristics of this card which will improve your connection in the relationship dynamics between you two. The Page of Cups is a lovely and very shy child; they bring few feelings and emotions and are almost over the top with their sweetness. They are easily hurt, though, so things will be delicate. A few more key characteristics of this card: youthful enthusiasm. Empathic. Synchronicities are speaking to you both now— listen to them, and listen to your intuition. The Page of Cups is a messenger— so there is a message that needs to take place between the two of you. My suggestions, based on this card, would be… connect, but keep things youthful, honest, sweet and fun. Go blow bubbles in the park together. Go to see a band that gets both of you pumped.
And remember: your instincts right now are good. Trust them.

Hope this helped!


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