Love for Anon

Hi. I saw you are offering readings. May I please have one regarding the future of my love life. Is there someone I’ll be with soon or is there a long way there before? I somewhat have feelings for someone but I think he may be with someone else. Also, I am curious whether or not I will be successfully in my career and education path. I am currently in Nursing first year. I started in Sept. 2013 and I wish to obtain a 3.7 GPA by April 2014.

Ok, so let me sort of dissect the issue here. You’re wanting to know about the future of your love life, the nature of your dynamics with a particular person, and the future of your career/education path. First of all let me say good luck with school and good for you! That G.P.A. goal is a good one. I’m going to deal with the love issue first, and I’ll do a seperate reading for your career/education question. Let me pull some cards for you…

The future of your love life: 5 of Wands, Rx and The Fool Rx
Your mixed feelings will soon be resolved. You have a tendency to avoid confontations and conflict, even where it is necessary. You need to work on assertiveness to avoid being tricked and hurt by a backwards fool. However, your pain from past hurts is fading now… allow that process to complete itself before delving into a new romantic endeavor. There are a lot of potential pitfalls I’m seeing here that CAN be avoided (but you have to first empower yourself with the voice to speak up when things don’t feel right)… a relationship wherein both partners are risk takers and like to live on the edge, but neither possesses any stability. Can’t seem to be mature when around eachother. They live recklessly, and end up falling right off a cliff, metaphorically speaking. A really important point here is that we’re talking FUTURE. Some of this stuff doesn’t seem to make sense to you right now— but keep it in the back of your mind, because you’re going to need it. Yes, someone will enter your life… but make sure you only “let the right one in”. If you meet a person and they are interested in you but something about them gives you a weird, uncomfortable feeling… trust your instincts! That feeling is there for a reason! Look for (or wait for) the one who doesn’t give you sketchy feelings. Oh, and by the way, the person you are asking about? You’re right in your suspicions that he is with someone else— and if he’s not actually “with” them, he’s really interested in them. My advice would be to not get hung up on this guy, because there are a whole lot of WRONG people for you that you are being tempted by. I think he’s one of them. You could start working on your assertiveness now.


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