I’ll take a Shadow Spread reading if you still have time. :)

1. Justice
2. The World
3. Ace of Cups
4. 3 of Swords
5. 3 of Pentacles

Your Light: Justice

What you bring to the table of life is balanced thought, a sense of equilibrium, objectivity, and realism. You are known to be a good person to go to for advice. You are always “checking yourself” and making sure that your head isn’t drifting off too far from earth. Your penchant for fairness is something that others are aware of, which might make some people uncomfortable— but no worries. This is your light; your filter. Seedy characters don’t slip by your radar, nor do they get a cozy spot in your life.

Your Shadow: The World

What you don’t let others see (and possibly don’t see in yourself— however I doubt it if your light is Justice!) is how much you’re REALLY carrying that isn’t yours. You have the “weight of the world” on your shoulders and you NEED a break. This might be driving you to confuse some things, like what is true and what is simply a well-spoken but subjective (or false) idea. Your shadow is a great achiever, but it has the ability to directly take a shot at the energy of your light.

Aligning the two…

With the Ace of Cups: Ooh, my favorite card. Open your psychic channels. Listen to that whisper of the universe, the one that comes to us in dreams and through synchronicities (if we’re paying attention!). Be willing to feel things fully so that you can move forward in life. Avoid getting hung up on past hurts.

With the Three of Swords: Oh, one of my least favorite cards. But one that has a very direct correlation with the previous card, once again denoting the importance of FEELING things. In this case, it’s the crappy feelings of heartbreak and psychache… find radical acceptance. Do not restrain yourself from self-expression. Find a way to express yourself when what you’re feeling is not so nice.

With the Three of Pentacles: Keep working hard. If you aren’t, start. You are a person who needs to be working at your craft, whatever it is, and don’t deal with idleness very well. Don’t be concerned with others approval with you, and resist the call of perfectionism when it starts to slow you down.

Some final thoughts: 2 of the 3 middle cards there were threes, which also deal with balance. It’s kind of eery to me almost, but this spread really made sense.
I hope it also made some sense to you!


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