In-Depth Love Reading: Modified Relationship Dynamic Spread

Hey! If you are willing, I’d really love a reading from you, I was looking at your past readings for others and you do such a nice thorough job, I thought why not go for it? I guess the main issue I have right now is with my ex, he and I recently started talking again and we both expressed interest in seeing each other soon, but now he won’t talk to me. I’m confused and he has given me no reasoning. So maybe a past present future spread about him and I? Anything is appreciated, thank you! 🙂

Okay. I’m going to do a modified version of the love dynamic spread I’ve been using a lot on here lately. So here goes!


You + The Relationship: 5 of Pentacles
This one took me a while before I really “got” how it applies to the position in this spread. Usually, the 5 of Pentacles is considered a not-so-happy one. It’s theme is basically financial desolation. It’s also a card I resonate with a lot; I posted a big thing about it when I first started out this blog ( which tells my “5 of Pentacles” life experience. I’m biased. When I see this card I have to stop and clear my preconceived notions of it– because they only apply to ME. But. I got it.

Your feelings about the relationship/lack thereof: being left out in the cold. When you WERE with this person, did you feel like you were filling more of a caregiver role than an equal, romantic partner role? This person is currently making you feel like they are inaccessible– which is something that you actually stated in the question. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you feel lonely, left out, and perhaps even a little bit desperate. You’ve had doors slammed in your face with this person… yet you still freaking love them! Why must we do this to ourselves?
You may be willing to risk losing everything for this person. You may find yourself even abusing your body and not taking care of it. This person has got you all messed up.
You are incredibly strong. You are dedicated. You are willing to stand by his side, regardless of the circumstances. Look at this image and tell me if it resonates with you at all:


Them + The Relationship: Queen of Pents, Rx
Gotta admit, this confused the hell out of me. I kept re-reading your question to make sure we are in fact talking about a male here. This was helpful to study deeper, though, because I have been having a hard time with gender roles in the tarot. Many readers will tell you that Court cards always represent a person, and that Kings and Knights are males, Queens are females, and Pages could be either (though they are often depicted in different decks as young boys).
There are three possible explanations I’ve come up with regarding this card in this position. Since this is a blind reading, I can’t choose which one it is, only you have that discernment and knowledge.
One is the more obvious, as well as ominous. Another woman. If so, just know that this woman is not good news. She cares only about status and money, but won’t work hard for it. There are even implications of prostitution, eating disorders due to an obsession with looking perfect, and neglect towards children and animals. I’ve read many sources that even mention that whoever this card is representing is headed for a run-in with the authorities due to their neglectful, careless behavior.
The second, which makes a little more sense, is that this is how he views you. Ick. Do you think it’s possible that he sees you as materialistic, shallow, status-obsessed, etc.? Or, were any of these things what lead to your break up to begin with?
Thirdly, this could just be summing up where he’s at right now and why he is making himself so inaccessible. Perhaps he’s on some kind of bender right now? Out taking the world by storm and just totally not in the mindset for re-assessing your relationship?

How to better the connection between the two: 8 of Cups, Rx

This one? Not so difficult. Do not walk away too soon. It may not be the right time to actually re-unite, but don’t give up on him.
As a sidenote, this card also is a potential indication of cheating, as well as “someone coming back a totally different person”.
So I’d say– to better the connection between you two, you’ll have to let go of your sense of urgency (I know, you’re just excited and confused which is totally understandable in this situation!), and allow things to happen as they will. In their own time. I’m getting a sense now that this person is really just very aligned with you in his intentions and his focus in life… but that DOES NOT mean he won’t come around. He might seem a little different though…

and to modify this a little for further clarity…

What seems to be the blockage here? 3 of Wands

I glanced at my card meanings journal and noticed where I wrote “back and forth communications” and beside it “inquiries not being answered”. Shit you not.
This card is about exploration, experiencing, travel and movement, and teamwork. Relationship-wise, it is often said to indicate a period of “making room for each other”. I think that’s the answer right there. One or both of you have too much going on right now to allow for spending some quality REAL time together. I’d say it’s him, based on all of the other cards in this spread, but do take a moment to really ask yourself if it might be you too.

A Glimpse at the future of you two: King of Cups

Yay! Something positive. Once again, court cards can be interpreted in several ways, but here is my take.
The King of Cups is definitely the gentlest, most fatherly-like King in the deck. This is because of his suit; cups = emotions. Feel free to read up on the King of Cups as a person (), because you might find that this person in your life is really similar to the King of Cups when he’s at his best.
I think, though, that it is saying: what happens between you two will be ultimately positive. You will be treated gently, compassionately, tenderly. There will not be any bitter fighting or other yucky feels attached with your outcome. And the single biggest message here (in my opinion): the two of you will attain mastery of your emotions. And that’s a rare accomplishment.
You could end up re-uniting and finding that the emotional connection between you isn’t very strong in a romantic sense, but that the two of you actually work surprisingly well as friends.
You could get back together. If that truly qualifies as a positive outcome… (ask yourself honestly, would it be? Would it be a gentle, calm thing? Or do those words not really describe the two of you in a relationship, based on your knowledge of the past?)

I don’t see a lot of clear “yes/no” answers in each card. I think that’s brutally oversimplifying the whole nature of the tarot. I’m no fortune teller either, in fact I don’t use the cards in a divinatory sense very often. If you’re not interested in all these hypotheticals and want to be given a yes/no, there are lots of free sites (and phone apps) that could do that for you. Or other readers. I’m not one of those readers though, obviously. 🙂

To sum it all up– don’t worry too much about it. There are things you can do to make this uncomfortable period of not knowing a hell of a lot easier on yourself, like meditation, practicing mindfulness, and figuring out how to let go of that inherent human need to control and thoroughly understand EVERYTHING, IMMEDIATELY, you know what I’m saying? Just try to trust in the Universe and it’s timing, continue to be your awesome self, and don’t get too attached to the things that are definitely beyond your realm of control.

Hope this helped!

PS: I really enjoyed doing this. Sorry it was so wordy.


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