Another relationship dynamics reading for ANON: The Fool in love?

Um ok may I ask a quick reading regarding a situation? A particular person and I started talking again and I wonder about how it goes from his side. Um, I don’t know the best spread for this one so it’s up to you. :] Bless you ((private msg))

a snapshot of your reading! my tarot journal is covered in coffee stains.

Sure thing!
Lately I’ve been using the relationship dynamic spread for most love related questions, as it seems to be the best one I know right now.

1. You + The Relationship: The Fool
In the tarot, the Fool doesn’t represent what we commonly think of as a “fool”— you know, a dumbass. The Fool in tarot is a person who is just entering a long journey and is full of excitement. The Fool is known to be sweet and innocent, unjaded by the world… truly a person of new beginnings and fresh starts. On the down side: the Fool is also very naive, and seems to trust everyone and everything he encounters. He just doesn’t see how anything could go wrong! His rather blind optimism often leads him to plummet over the edge (Rider-Waite decks have him actually backing up and not seeing the cliff a few feet behind him). So, this is telling us your strength— in a relationship you are fun, cute and endearing. You bring a lot of positivity. Your weakness however is in getting your hopes up too high too soon, and also in discerning who to trust. You may not be so good at figuring out people’s true intentions— so be cautious.

2. Them + The Relationship: 5 of Pentacles
The 5 of Pents is unfortunately not a good indication for any kind of healthy, happy relationship. It is actually a pretty strong warning card, and my least favorite from the entire deck. It’s main theme is financial ruin and desolation, but most decks show this heartbreaking image of a couple who are cast out into the cold. The woman is often depicted nurturing the man, who is severely wounded. They seem to be begging for help, and no one is listening. I take this to be a strong indication of a very unbalanced relationship where one person acts as the “savior”/parent-figure, always staying by their wounded and frail partner, but at the price of losing everything. This could indicate his feelings about the two of you— with either himself as the wounded man or himself as the patient but broken partner. Or maybe this isn’t something he is consciously aware of; maybe this is a warning to stay away from getting too enmeshed in this person’s life because they are going to drag you down to a place you DON’T want to be.

3. How to improve the dynamics: 9 of Wands
The “strength from within” card. This is how YOU can improve things— I can’t really read for a blind third party well enough to get into what he needs to do or change. You, on the other hand, should plan for the worst and expect difficulty. It is not guaranteed that the worst is going to happen, but this card advises you to keep your guard up and look out for number one. It also advices you to accept help when it is offered to you. Be prepared. There is also an implication of attracting people like moth to a flame. I see this as meaning: there are lots of fish in the sea out there. Make sure you don’t just settle for the first and most willing fish. Your inner wisdom is going to be able to guide you through this situation, but you must resist the urge to play the Fool (card #1) and try to stifle or deny what that inner voice tells you.

I feel like this reading is very iffy because it contains such strong messages. The negative associations of the 5 of Pentacles card are still not entirely clear to me in this situation; I don’t know the guy in question so I can’t say exactly how this is to be taken. I’d be interested to hear if you felt like any of that applies to him as a person or if you have any additional information that would clarify it a little. I could do a part #2 where I just draw one card to clarify what his deal is if you want, just let me know.
As always, remember that the power isn’t in the cards… it is with you. I hope you found something helpful out of this!


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