Hello I’d like a free reading if you’re still doing them. :) at the moment I’m feeling kind of down cause I feel that some friends of mine or people I care about seam to be sending me weird energy, I feel like people are being standoffish with me. when now I’m trying to be open with them and I just don’t see what I’ve done wrong. There’s two guys that are friends of mine who I mostly refer to whom I feel are giving me the cold shoulder.. I’d like any insight into the matter. Thank you :)

Okay. I’m going to modify a spread from lovedovetarot.com (http://lovedovetarot.com/2012/02/17/the-wtf-tarot-spread/) and we’ll see if we can get any insight on what’s going on.

1. The underlying cause of what’s going on: 6 of Wands, Rx

I call the reversed 6 of Wands the “fall from grace” card. It can imply a feeling that you’ve failed yourself and everyone else. It can also appear when you are receiving negative feedback. It also warns against trusting people who seem to be in your corner, but eventually reveal themselves as traitors. When this card is upright, it implies a big victory and a “time to shine”. When reversed, the man who is atop his white horse, marching in a crowd and being cheered at, has literally fallen. People aren’t so happy for him anymore. He did something involving the EGO which messed up his fifteen minutes of fame and now those who aren’t true supporters are becoming apparent. Another aspect of this card is self-doubt. It is highly possible that you may be stuck in a cycle of paranoid thinking about the cause of these weird energies these friends are throwing at you. You may actually be simply trying to hard to gain their affection that it’s turning them off to you. 

2. The energy being directed at you: Queen of Wands

Okay— I’m getting a sense that this Queen represents the way they are perceiving you right now, and they are treating you accordingly. The Queen of Wands is of the element of fire (I noticed on your page that you’re an Aquarian! Woohoo!) and your element is actually air, so I’m sensing that they’ve got a distorted image of you. The Queen of Wands is a “Type A Personality”, always with a million things going on at once. She can be REALLY stubborn, deceptive, over-bearing and even a total bitch on a bad day. 

3. Best approach at dealing with the situation: 5 of Wands

RESPECTFULLY, stand up for yourself. Don’t do it in a firey fit of rage! Approach these friends privately, in a non-accusatory way, and have some real conversation. Whatever you’re doing now? Try something different. Remember the fact that no one person is liked/admired by all. Sometimes in life you will come to a point of having to cut your losses and move on. Do what feels right— even if it doesn’t feel GOOD.

4. Worst approach at dealing with the situation: 8 of Swords

The way you DON’T want to go at this is through torturing yourself mentally. This card represents being totally stuck, immobilized by fear, and in a state of confusion. This card suggests a person who is imposing a lot of limitations on themselves and is blind to their own faults. Once again, the EGO is coming up. So. Do not let your ego run the show, because you’ll only be mentally imprisoned over this stuff if you do.

5. Likely outcome: 7 of Wands, Rx

This too shall pass.  Guard yourself against being taken advantage of. Be patient, but not a doormat. Silence can heal.


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