i would like the shadow spread reading :)


1. 2 of Pentacles

2. 7 of Wands, Reversed

3. 10 of Cups

4. The Star

5. Temperance

Your Light: 2 of Pentacles

The 2 of Pentacles is a rather playful card. In the Rider-Waite tradition, most decks feature a jester-looking dude who is juggling two giant coins. Some of them have this really cool infinity symbol linking the two coins. The Two’s of Tarot deal with duality— more than one choice or option, more than one opinion, feeling, emotion, idea, etc. The Two of Pents in particular says that you are able to handle more than one situation or project at a time. You are able to keep your sense of humor and be cool when things in your life are changing. You have the ability of foresight and don’t easily get a clouded perception, even when things are crazy around you! Your light is your ability to stay balanced and peaceful.

Your Shadow: 7 of Wands, Rx

The reversed 7 of Wands usually is seen as a warning against certain tendencies. Letting others take advantage of you is one. You may find yourself always being the one to help and never being the one helped. Are you the “listener” among friends? This card indicates that you may avoid conflict and confrontation no matter what— even if a situation should really be dealt with. You may also tend to be rather indecisive, have trouble knowing what it is that you want, and may tend to give up on things too easily when you are discouraged. Interestingly, this card is in some ways very opposite from the 2 of Pentacles that came up for your light. Anxiety IS indicated here— specifically the type of anxiety that you might be inclined to ignore, thinking it will go away by itself. 

Aligning the two…

With the 10 of Cups: 

Friends and family bring lasting happiness. If yours don’t, it’s time to find some new friends and immerse yourself in some kind of happy family environment. I’m sensing something about babysitting for a family (not sure why, just thought I’d mention that). This card also may be telling you to get involved in a community of some sort which will bring you a sense of emotional fulfillment. It advises you to forgive, call a truce, embrace and bond in relationships that have been hurt or broken. A little sidenote: I seem to draw this card sometimes when I’m asking about how to deal with certain aspects of my recently broken relationship with my younger sister.

With the Star: 

Keep hope alive. Stay optimistic. Make sure you are getting a good balance of pleasure vs. work. There are a lot of spiritual implications with this card— it is suggesting you are already a spiritual person and that you may be having an awakening soon. It nudges you, once again, to get involved in a community (this time, spiritual). This doesn’t necessarily mean you should adopt a new religion or get your ass to a church— but I think it does mean the time is right to explore what you really believe in a spiritual sense, and begin to share your thoughts and experiences with others.

With Temperance: 

Every time I see this card, I think “moderation”. But it is also a card about balance (which seems to be a big theme in your reading), patience with others, confidence, and (once again) spirituality. Meditation comes up here, as well as asking for help or guidance from a spiritual counselor of some sort. Or, prayer. Whatever your thing is, do it. Balance yourself— you already are quite good at it. Avoid extreme behaviors. To align your light and your shadow, follow these suggestions!

Some final thoughts: 

Like I said, a big theme here seems to be balance. Opposites. There’s also some significance, I think, to the fact two of your three guidance cards are major arcana cards (these are said to be the loudest of all). I notice too that your cards are mostly all positive or neutral. This is always a happy thing to see!

I hope it made some sense to you! I welcome any feedback, thoughts you have about the reading, what resonated and what didn’t, etc. 



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