On a side note (sorry, I’m totally flooding your inbox right now, asks are far too short!) I really enjoyed reading your insight, it felt like a friend giving me the best advice to their knowledge (something even people whom I’ve been friends with for years can’t do at times). I’ve had a few readings before, some could be vague or bland to read, yours was entertaining and easy to understand and relate too. Keep doing what you do lady :) If you want more feedback let me know! THANK YOU

Thanks SO much for your feedback. Believe it or not, I DO like hearing from the people I do readings for, post-reading. I love hearing people’s insights about what resonated with them, what didn’t, etc. Some of what you messaged me really sounds like the reading was pretty accurate, so far. (Not gonna post all of your feedback since it’s a lot of personal stuff.) 

I hope you’ll return for more readings in the future! 


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