Tarot Spread: How do they feel in 3 contexts + Overall?


Alright so last night I created a simple spread on the fly for showing how some one feels about you on the 3 different levels: Friendship, Romantic, Sexual, and lastly an overall view. I found it to be so amazingly dead on (sadly not in my favor 😥 ) I had to share it with ya’ll! 🙂

The layout is as followed (but you can use any arrangement of 4 cards you like I suppose but this is what i used )


1 2 3

1 – Friendship: This is how they view you as ‘just a friend’ in isolation of the other emotional influences.

2 – Romantic: How they view you as a boy/girlfriend, life partner, husband/wife, etc.

3 – Sexual: …if I need to explain this, you are probably too young to be needing this spread 😉

4 – Overall: When all is said and done, how is their overall feeling toward you.

Happy reading 🙂


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