love reading for anon: wait for the right time and place

I met a guy back in May, we hit it off really well, but he has a girlfriend. We became close friends instead, we work together and hung out a lot. Lately I’ve been confused about how he feels about me and where anything might go between us, he’s been showing signs that he does like me, and I’m not sure how he still feels about me at all. I’d prefer to keep this anonymous, if that’s ok. Thanks :

You + The Relationship: 5 of Swords

The five of swords here is telling us that you have experienced a failure of some sort. As a result, you are “stuck” in an energy of defeat and failure. Keep in mind, this is talking about your feelings toward the dynamics between the two of you, but also your MENTALITY. The suit of Swords/Air is all about mental processes and obstacles.
This can also suggest that you are doing a lot of negative self-talk.
This card stresses that you be totall geniune with yourself. Don’t allow yourself to fall into “denial” mode.
Some sources say this card appears when the querent has made or will have to make a tough choice, but that the pain of what was lost was less important than the knowledge that they have made a morally right decision.

Them + The Relationship: Strength, Rx

In it’s reversed position, the Strength card indicates inner weakness, powerlessness, lack of discipline, being too controlled by one’s passions. Interesting. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assert that perhaps the guy in question is feeling lust toward you. He may be considering cheating— but not fessing up. Not changing his direction. Not leaving his girlfriend?
If this really is the case: you may want to consider what YOUR moral boundaries are. It’s weird that both cards have had something to do with “morality”. That’s not usually a theme I see in readings…

How to better the connection between the two: 10 of Swords

Let me first say— this is the second card from the Swords. I’m wondering if perhaps the Swords are popping up to appeal to your logical, rational mind. Their message seems to be “cut through the bullshit” around this situation. The 10 of Swords is not a particularly happy looking card, nor are its messages. (However it does promise that current troubles will NOT be permanent.) I think though that I can wade through the negative connontations here and pull out something helpful.
This card is sort of like the Death card, which is not about actual death, but the end of one cycle/energy and the beginning of the next. Once again, there is a message against allowing oneself to be deluded in their thinking: the need for honesty is important. Honesty. That relates back to morality, doesn’t it?
My opinion is that the way to make things better between you two… is to try and lay the romantic feelings aside for the time being. It does not seem the right place or time to pursue anything further than friendship. What you might be able to “get” right now pales in comparison with what you can receive if you wait for the timing and circumstances (and perhaps people) to be right.

I hate hate hate when the cards come up negative to people’s questions! But let me just say this: I strongly believe that the card’s role is to shine a light into our brains and spotlight some stuff we already know, but either haven’t thought of yet or are trying to hide from ourselves. I don’t tell fortunes… how awful would it be to imagine a world where everything is set in stone and nothing we do can alter the course? Sometimes I think that “negative” cards just show up to remind the querent to think things through from all angles. They are certainly not hard and fast glimpses into the future. At least, these are my beliefs!

I’ll now take a minute and draw a special card just for you:

The Sun

Ooh, one of my personal favs. The Sun is all about the joys of self-expression and a beautiful burst of new creative, passionate and spiritual energy. Your Sun will be a breath of fresh air.

Thanks for letting me read cards for you!


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