love reading for anon: twos, twos, twos

Hi, I’d love a reading if you’re still doing them. I’d like to keep this anon, if possible. There is a man that I am deeply in love with but our circumstances prevent us from being together. Right now we are not talking. His choice. I guess I need to know if I move on or allow this time for him to get his feelings in order. And honestly, I needed the space too. How do I proceed?

Ok, here is your reading!

You + The Relationship: The High Priestess

This card is all about hidden knowledge and intuition. A determined and powerful (yet calm) feminine energy. She sits on her thrown with both of her feet on top of the moon. She holds a scroll of knowledge only she is privy to. She is aware of all of her options, but is choosing not to act upon this knowledge yet.
The High Priestess challenges you to try to break past the surface of what’s going on to find answers. It may be that you really know more about the situation than you’re allowing yourself to consciously believe. Being a card of inaction, the High Priestess is perhaps modelling your behavior— silently and patiently waiting. For what? Signs from the universe. Synchronicities. Messages from dreams. Unseen forces.
This is a beautiful card to draw (particularly if you are of feminine energy). Its only warning is that you do not allow this phase of patient receptivity and waiting to last indefinitely. You will eventually need to find out your answers and the only way to do this truely is to talk to him about them. I think you’re doing the right thing, though, if you are currently NOT pressuring him or pushing the issue.

Them + The Relationship: Two of Pentacles, Rx

This showed up in a reversed position, which actually can be referring to physical relocation/a move. In this position, opportunities are being missed because the person in question cannot seem to overcome their emotions and take the next step. The Two of Pentacles is also a card about juggling more than one task. In the reverse, it can indicate that a person has taken on too much and is having a lot of trouble keeping things in balance. They may be feeling majorly overwhelmed right now, feeling a lot of pressure about the situation. It is not a necessarily negative card though— and this is just talking about his feelings toward the relationship (or potential relationship). He may not be feeling ready for what it entails. This certainly isn’t saying that your feelings toward him aren’t mutual! On the contrary, he may be feeling quite strongly about you, but his withdraw is sort of a coping mechanism for that overwhelmed feeling.

How to better the connection between the two: Page of Swords

Pages can denote an actual person, an event, or a set of personality traits. In this position, I think the latter is the case. To better the connection between you two, this Page is bringing you a GREEN LIGHT— go for it. Tying back to the first card, there is a mild warning here to be careful because there is more to it than meets the eye (but you’re probably already aware of it). I’m curious if there’s something that you know about him that he thinks he DON’T know, and perhaps if you were to tell him you’re aware of it and are cool with it, it would alleviate his feelings of pressure? Just a shot in the dark there, but it’s a feeing I get. The Page of Swords is very curious, talkative, and loves to ask questions. They will find out what they want to know through any means possible (even cyber-stalking!) but they don’t do it with any harmful intent. They’ve just gotta know. Just like the High Priestess, the Page of Swords can remain detached emotionally while observing and gathering information.
I think the advice here boils down to this: seek out all of the facts, seek truth (and not just a comfortable lie). But really. Go ahead. Do it now. You have a green light.
The Page of Swords is also often associated with messages of truth and information, as well as the use of technology. Do you and this person perhaps write to eachother via e-mail or some other social media site? I think this is indicating that you should contact them and try to tactfully find out what you’re wanting to know via the internet. You should find quick clarity in doing so.

And lastly, a card to offer a glimpse of the future dynamics between the two of you… The Chariot.
Triumph after a period of hard work or battle. Perserverence through a journey. Fast-moving energy. Being in the driver’s seat. Directing a lot of really powerful energy— make sure it’s directed in the right place! This card also suggests travel, by the way.

Some thoughts:
Elementally, you’ve got 2 water, 1 air and 1 earth energy card. All that’s missing is fire. Both the High Priestess and the Two of Pentacles are TWOs— and twos in the tarot symbolize duality and the presence of two (or sometimes more) choices.
I notice too that the High Priestess card AND the Chariot card have a similar symbology to them. The High Priestess is depicted to be sitting in between a dark pillar and a light pillar, and the man driving the Chariot is (in the Morgan Greer deck at least) being led by a black horse and a white horse. Twos. Choices. Right and wrong.
Astrologically speaking, the Chariot represents the sun sign Cancer. The High Priestess represents the Moon. Here’s a picture of the light and dark aspects I was talking about:

(For further reading, check out this page on the meaning of twos:

Lots of cool symbols in your reading here!

Hope this helped, let me know what you think!


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