Path To Success Spread for anon

I would like to remain anonymous ☺️ I’m 17 years old and I’m interested in becoming a entertainer as a career and in all honesty I’m a huge dreamer and I wanted to know if I would be successful in that? Successful as in recognition, financially, critical acclaim, etc.

I haven’t really done any readings that deal with future success, so I appreciate getting this question because it made me look into spreads and stuff. I didn’t find any I liked, so I made one. Just for you! Hehe.

1. The Path to Success – a general card about the nature of the path you will need to follow on your quest for success.

9 of Cups – This is good. The Wish card. Describing how your path to success will be with this card = especially good. Wishes coming true, comfort and happiness, emotional satisfaction, good luck that usually comes unexpected. It is a very good indication in the realm of finances, too; that ideal financial situation that you are visualizing will come to pass… and likely it’s not going to be in the exact WAY you thought it would. That’s where that unexpected good luck comes in. Advice in this card is to cling to positivity: positive affirmations, keeping a gratitude journal or list or something that helps you stay ever aware of the GOOD things that the universe is giving you on your path. Notice even the little things that happen that are positive, and there will be many. Just don’t ever start to take things for granted. “Good things flow from other good things”.

2. Embrace – this card represents people, advice, activities, attitudes, etc. that will be HELPFUL to you in your journey.

Queen of Pentacles – Court cards are looked at differently by different readers. Some readers focus more on the “actual person” aspect. Some discredit that idea all-together and focus on the ENERGY that the card represents. I kind of blend the two most of the time. Sometimes though, I feel like in the particular position of a spread and in response to a specific question, one or the other is more likely. In this case, I’m sensing that this represents a person you will meet along the way. He or she- it doesn’t matter, but they will possess a strong female, motherly sort of energy. They are a great person to have as a mentor, as they themselves are very good with money and personal success. If I knew you better, I could determine right away if this is true or not, but in SOME cases this can be your own mother. Or a mother of someone you know. She is often portrayed as the perfect “housewife”— which may sound insulting but it really isn’t… she’s just brilliant at managing the HOME, the finances, etc. It doesn’t have to mean she’s a literal housewife… or even a literal mother.
I’m thinking that this is someone you’re going to encounter in a work setting. You will know them by the traits I’ve already listed, and they will make you feel very… “at home”. So always be on the lookout when entering a new job or a new creative project (or whatever you’ll be participating in on your journey to success)… if you spot this Queen of Pentacles, get closer to her. She’ll be a powerful ally to you later on.

3. Avoid – this card represents people, advice, activities, attitudes, etc. that will be DETRIMENTAL to you.

Knight of Wands – this is a VERY fiery energy, and as a person, is the stereotypical “life of the party”. I’m sensing that this is more about attitudes/qualities that you should avoid in your journey, but it could certainly also be a person who will cross your path and put your future success at risk. I can say for sure, though: avoid being or associating with people who have a very hot-temper, are superficial, cocky and arrogant, narcissistic, boastful, etc. This makes a lot of sense— these are all things that we generally associate with a career failure or a fall from grace. I think of how celebrities have their dramatic downfalls and often they can be largely blamed on letting their ego inflate to ridiculous proportions and thus they lose all humility. They lose touch with the real world of every day life and people, and see themselves as invincible because of their popularity. I think this card is basically telling you that this whole thing here? Yeah, you need to keep all of that shit out of your life or else it’s going to do what it does to so many others who are rising to success and fame.

4. Be aware – this card represents hidden influences (things that might easily slip by your radar, internal conflicts or attitudes you need to be aware of). They aren’t always negative, but they are things you need to acknowledge in order to move along on your journey…

6 of Cups – This is a very sweet card, so I was a little perplexed at its showing up in the “be aware” position. But, once again, “be aware” isn’t the same as “avoid”— it’s much more neutral. The themes of this card are: nostalgia, child-like enjoyments, innocence, siblings, positive memories and simple pleasures. But to go a little deeper, it also deals with letting loved ones (especially people who were positive parts of your life as a child) know how you feel. It tells you that your inner child might be needing to come out and play. It warns against getting stuck in memories of the past, though, even if they are good ones. It also warns against the mindset that because you’re no longer a child, you cannot enjoy things and experience life in a childlike way. This isn’t true!
I’m sensing that the 6 of Cups is asking you to stay in touch with your inner child. Make sure that the inner child does not RULE THE SHOW, but also do not deny them the chance to come out and play. Be immature and spontaneous and silly, when it’s appropriate. Make TIME for it, if you can’t find any appropriate times. Don’t expect, though, that a childlike persona is going to get you anywhere. You may be damn cute, but you’re going to need more to achieve success. Keep in touch with sweet memories from the past— and with the people associated with those memories.
Side note: sometimes the Six of Cups suggests the re-appearance of an ex. Just something I find interesting- dunno if it applies to you or not.

5. Outcome – what your journey will lead you to.

2 of Wands – interesting. This card usually signifies the BEGINNING of a journey, but here it’s talking about your outcome. I remember this card by the phrase “the world is in your hands”. The figure on a lot of decks is a person gazing out over an expanse of territory, holding a globe in one hand and grasping one of the wands in the other. The second wand is sort of off to the side – which indicates the possibility of there being two choices and having to make a decision as to where to channel your passion. This card talks about you holding a lot of power. It also speaks of the unexpected. Something unexpected happening, relating to the realm of passion/creativity/personal power. This is interesting, since the first card also spoke of unexpected but positive events influencing your path! It can also speak of a journey, made not out of necessity but just for the sake of travelling. It speaks of that aha! moment where you finally have figured out how to make your dreams come true. This card isn’t usually thought of as super good or super bad— it is neutral. Calm. Peaceful. Yet powerful.
I think it suggests that when your journey is through— you will feel good about all you’ve accomplished, and you will feel person peace about all you’ve done along the way. And really, what more can we ask for? At the end of the day, when all is said and done, feeling good about the life you’ve lived is the ultimate success!

(Sidenote: you may also decide to pursue another journey all-together once you’ve achieved what you wanted to achieve in this journey. That might explain the fact that this card usually appears before, not after, a journey is being made. Who knows, maybe you’ll become super successful at whatever you’re doing and then later go on to write a book about it or delve into something artistic and end up pursuing that for a while. I don’t know what kind of success you’re striving for or what path you’re on, so I can’t say for sure.)

Some notes:

  • Absence of Swords/Air energy – may mean that your journey isn’t an intellectual pursuit. Also, Pentacles/Earth energy only comes up once. This leaves Cups and Wands, which are about emotion and passion, respectively. Does this describe the field you’re aspiring to succeed in?
  • General path to success card is Cups – this is significant because I think it’s saying that your emotions are going to be a huge part of your path to success. 
  • Outcome card is Wands – I’m just dying to know now, are you trying to go into acting? Performing? Art? It must be something you are very passionate about!

Summary: Good reading. A lot of positive omens. Made a LOT of sense, to me at least.

I hope you enjoyed this reading!


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