custody and separation reading for anon

Hello may I have a private reading please ? Can I have a reading surrounding the circumstances of my child custody n separation to my ex?

Okay, I’m just going to ask what you need to know about the custody situation first.


1. Advice: The Temperance card is all about moderation. The figure on the card is an angelic woman pouring water from one cup into another; balancing. One of her feet is in the water, one is on land. The advice this card gives is to maintain a balanced perspective. Avoid extremes— of all kinds. This is a very tender situation, and acting on your more base urges, acting out in anger, and even trying to tamper with the process (such as doing something to try to speed it along) are all things you do NOT want to do. I find this really interesting, because this card also talks about co-operation and negotiations. In a child custody issue, those are very relavent topics. The Temperance card is telling you that if you follow its advice and remain as balanced, calm and steadfast as you possibly can, a successful outcome is in store for you.

2. Likely outcome: And… the Three of Cups as an outcome is great! Threes in the Tarot deal with community and co-operation (again? I see a theme here). The Cups suit represents emotions and everything/everyone you love and care about. The Three of Cups speaks of a celebration, a re-uniting, a happy event. Bonding. Supportive friends. A conclusion to recent turmoil. I think that both cards addressing the issue of co-operation is a huge deal. The question is being answered clearly.

And as for what you need to know about your separation:

6 of Cups & Knight of Wands

1. Advice: The 6 of Cups as advice about your separation. Well now. The Six of Cups is all about sweet memories and childhood. Letting your inner child out to play, appreciating the world as if through the eyes of a child. Regeneration of emotional pleasure through healing. How do you heal? By going within and asking yourself to envision times of the past in which you truely felt happy and whole. If the person you’re separating from is central to these memories, it could indicate “the reappearance of an ex”, which to me sounds like him. But you’re obviously separating for a reason, so I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that your happy memories probably don’t involve him very much. At least, not as he is now. Am I right? So this card is telling you not to get stuck on Memory Lane, but to revisit and really give some thought to what makes you happy. Don’t even think for a second that all the happy times have gone and you’ve lost your ability to make new joyful memories. Take things down to their simplest, yet most profound form. This card also suggests sibling relationships and friendships you had in childhood may be playing a part in your situation, or, there may be some real healing benefit to trying to reconnect. You know best.

2. Likely outcome: Oh, the Knight of Wands. Sister, hold onto your hat. There are two possibilities I see here. One is that you will literally meet a person who fits the Knight of Wands personality description. The second is that your life will take on the ENERGY of the Knight of Wands. So let me tell you about the freakin’ Knight of Wands. 🙂
First off— elementally, this one is “fire of fire”. Knights are represented by the element of fire, and so is the entire suit of Wands. Astrologically speaking, we’re talking about a Leo, Aries or a Sagittarius. Seasonally speaking, we’re talking about Spring. I usually don’t really get into timing with my readings, simply because what I’ve studied about discerning timing isn’t “clicking” in my brain quite yet, but I thought it might be helpful to mention it here because Spring is the season we’ll soon be entering. It also evokes all kinds of imagery of “newness”. Which sounds applicable to your situation.

As a person, the Knight of Wands is THE life of the party. They are adventurous, daring, fast-paced, passionate and energetic as all hell. They love action and things always have to be going on or else they become bored. And it’s easy to bore them too. Sometimes the appearance of this Knight can indicate a short-lived “fling” that will have a lasting impact on you. Positive or negative, well, we can’t be sure (so be cautious, of course). The Knight of Wands just oozes FUN.

However, they also have plenty of less pleasant characteristics as well. They aren’t into self-reflection— being alone with their thoughts is booooring. They may have a bit of a temper problem. They come off as cocky and arrogant sometimes, and are known for their constant swagger and boasting. They are intense; they often come into your life in a fast whirlwind of commotion and leave in the same way, which can be unexpected and disappointing. They are great at selling stuff though… ideas OR actual products. I often refer to this guy as “the used car salesman”. There are also elements of this personality that seem very adolescent. He was the Prom King with the cool car, the popular kid in school, a party animal to his core.

Sidenote: if this is about a person, it could also be representing YOU after all is said and done with the separation.

Secondly— this could be describing the general energy of your life once this ordeal is resolved. I like this possibility more than the previous, simply because the appearance of a Knight of Wands right after you come out of a relationship (and with the custody thing taken into consideration), you might not want to get tangled up with this one so quickly. Yes, they are a lot of fun, which is something you may be craving. I think back to my own separation and divorce, and I can honestly say that I was desperately seeking this sort of energy in my life. Things had been so oppressive and dull for so long and I couldn’t really even remember the last time I had fun. So naturally, I went on a partying, bar-hopping streak. Luckily, it was just a phase and I got tired of it pretty quickly. But it did help get me through the really hard times.

So, I’d love to hear what you think about your reading. I won’t post anything you have to say about it on here— I realize that your privacy and anonymity is pretty crucial given the topic at hand. But anyway, yeah, let me know what you resonated with, what maybe confused you, or even if it didn’t make any sense at all.

I enjoyed this, and I hope you find it helpful!



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