to go, or not to go… a reading for anon

Hey there. I don’t know how swamped you are lately but you gave me a very good reading the last time I messaged you. I was hoping you might be able to do a decision making spread for me. This Friday there’s an event I’d like to go to, but I’m worried it could turn out badly for a few reasons. I guess I just wanna know if I’m overthinking it. 

Ok, I finally found the spread I was looking for. It’s actually called a “Worry Spread”. I’m gonna modify it a little bit, but I know this spread really helped me out when I was trying to make a very similar decision!

1. Querent’s State of Mind: The Hermit, Rx

Pulling the Hermit card in reverse indicates a distortion in the area of socialization. You may be either isolating yourself excessively, or you may be fearing be alone. Too much self-reflection or too little. It can also indicate that you’re kind of just disgusted with human beings right now; feeling bitter but lonely perhaps.

2. Querent’s Source of Worry: Four of Pentacles, Rx

This is interesting, because the Four of Pentacles reversed has a lot to DO with fear and worry. And it has a lot to do with a distortion of control. Too much or too little. Fear of intimacy, fear of embarassment, fear of spending too much money, fear of some other sort of excess. When drawn, you are encouraged to try to let go— realize that you can’t be in control of everything. Remember your own strength, power and free will.

3. It could go this way… Ace of Cups:

Well, if the Ace of Cups is how the party goes, you’re going to REALLY regret it if you don’t go! It’s a card of newness and potential, and its suit being Cups means it will be in the realm of the emotions. A new relationship, a feeling of love, happiness, self-acceptance, compassion, intimacy. Hmm. That’s the second time intimacy has come up… is that an issue for you perhaps? This can also represent a spiritual awakening of some sort. This sounds like quite a, um, trippy party… can I come? 😉

4. Or it could go that way… Eight of Pentacles, Rx

A disappointing outcome. Losing touch. Too absorbed in your own tasks/thinking about those tasks to enjoy yourself. Possibility of failing exams. It can also indicate a person you might encounter (or even become involved with) who is just really in a financial state of chaos.
I’m going to draw another card to get a bit more insight here—

4a: Queen of Swords, Rx

Okay, this is a little bit more clear now. Being a court card, there’s a high likelihood that this is an actual person. It could represent how YOU might act in the situation, or it could be someone you’ll encounter there. It could also represent the general energy of the environment. My hunch (based on the additional info you gave me) is that we’re talking about a person. In any case, here are some of the themes of the Queen of Swords in reverse: mentally imbalanced, damaged, vengeful, cold-hearted, distorted emotions that overshadow reality, resentment, deceit, GOSSIP, and tons and tons of contagious negativity. More specifically, this card can indicate a stressed parent who is really not doing a good job at raising their child… or… a separated/widowed/divorced person who has definitely NOT let go and is filled with ill feelings toward their ex-lover. Some sources mention Obsessive-Compulsive behavior, as well as a person who is not taking their medication. We’re in the suit of Swords. Swords deal with the mental realm, so we can ascertain what kind of medications this person might be not taking. Since this could be a person, I’ll tell you this: Swords represent the element of Air, and the astrological signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Though a “Queen”, gender labels really are of little importance and I think that it’s more important that the Swords represent a more male energy. So, you definitely have a blend there of male/female energy.

5. So meditate on this, to help you decide… Knight of Cups

This card is about pursuing what you love, chasing dreams, getting in touch with your emotions. Romance, imagination, passion, follow your heart. Be a lover, a helper, a peace-maker. Do something that you know will lift your energy. Read some poetry. Most importantly, use your HEART to guide you in this decision. If you’ve asked friends for advice and they’re all telling you “aw, come on, it’s gonna be fun, nothing bad will happen”… remember that YOU know best what your heart can and cannot handle. What might be fun for them isn’t necessarily fun for you.


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